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    Green Bike USA?

    Stephen, how about an update? I've been looking at these bikes for a year now, and all the customer reviews have been good. I wish Court would review the GB5 500 and/or the GB5 500 fat tire bike.
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    check out this ebike .

    I think my head just exploded.
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    Happy Birthday to Court!

    A belated Happy Birthday Court! I have learned a whole lot about e bikes from your terrific video reviews.
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    Any thoughts on this $499 folding ebike?

    I'm in on the kickstarter. I do wish they offered fenders and rack as options, maybe they will in the future. I had been eyeing this bike at for a few weeks when I stumbled onto the kickstarter. You can buy one there right now for $699. That's for the base model in black, they...
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    Any thoughts on this $499 folding ebike?

    You can buy the base version of the AMP Errand right now at a few different bike shops online for $699, so I definitely backed their kickstarter to get one for $499.