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    Have you seen the revised Helios?

    I converted mine to a commuter - commuter tires, light, mirrors. With the full suspension, it is great on the rough roads of NYC. Better commuter than the Stomer and R&M I had, except for lack of rack. Also, Luna Apollo looks sweet IMO. Helios looks just don’t do it for me. But agree, they...
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    Have you seen the revised Helios?

    Luna Apollo when in stock.
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    Helios refund

    Tom, seems like you are telling the founders to stop whining. Every single deadline has been missed, deadlines are meaningless, you shouldn’t be quoting timelines as if they are real. You know better. The company isn’t responding. The founder posting here is trying to get his money back...
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    Helios refund

    I don’t think anyone in the founders group has to worry about the niceties and posting etiquette after what they have been put through.
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    Goodbye to WattWagons & Helios

    My 2 cents. Who cares? The OP is upset, deservedly so, he ordered a bike, didn't get it, and now has to wait for a refund. This is a business transaction, you pay for something, you want it, now to be told after waiting a long time for a bike you will never get, that you now have to wait for...
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    Watt Wagons Critical Product Availability Status

    Pushkar- can you please send Founders an update on bike status, timing, etc.?
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    Hydra cassette drive train .

    BarnBoy, while it is not clear what your angle is with Watt Wagons (you seemed to have parachuted out of nowhere to be become a Watt Wagons sales rep/Pushkar defender), you clearly have lost all credibility. To suggest that delivery of a bike with inferior components is no big deal because the...
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    Where’s my bike ? Why haven’t you shipped yet ?

    Are these Hydra or Helios?
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    2/6 Update on timelines and Shipping

    Agree. The confirmation email needs more detail on options and costs. Really not actionable in current form.
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    2/6 Update on timelines and Shipping

    I agree. A lot of promises were made and Pushkar received a lot of goodwill/ credit for those promises, and the founders did a lot of cross selling based on those promises. As the brand has grown (in part due to word of mouth of the founders), I feel responsiveness has declined and more...
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    2/6 Update on timelines and Shipping

    Anyone get their email invoice yet?
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    Price Update Incoming next week - bike and components

    Is this also true for Founders? I thought we were locked in on price?
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    Somewhat weekly Timeframe update on bikes and shipping and order customization

    I still have not received the email. It has been quiet.
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    Is Watt Wagons selling batteries ? Just found 1100wh pack listed on their site.

    I appreciate the specs as well and glad this issue was raised. I understand the inherent problems with predicting range. As a heavier rider, I never get anywhere near the range estimate supplied by e-bike sellers, and that's fine. But if the specs being provided are simply math, I think...
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    Thanks for sharing! After your long ride, please let us know if you see higher efficiency.
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    First round of motors with Archon controller going out this week!

    I would say more functionality on a big beautiful screen, not a minimalist screen. For example, I would not want a minimalist TV (45 inch) for my living room. I just dislike the idea of having to use an expensive cell phone (or tiny screen) to get more functionality. I think the market will...
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    First round of motors with Archon controller going out this week!

    +1 on standard nice big screen. No way I'm using my super expensive cell phone as primary display for my ebike.