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    Dolphin Derailleur Hanger Replacement

    I bent my derailleur hanger back by hand / allen wrench. I contacted Qualisports in order to get a replacement. I'll take a photo of it and measure it out for you guys for future reference. Thanks!
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    Dolphin Derailleur Hanger Replacement

    It seems like my derailleur hanger is bent. After a bit of research, it seems the Dolphin uses a Shimano Tourney Long Cage Rear Derailleur 6/7-speed or the model name is RD-TY300-SGS. I was wondering if anybody knew which derailleur hanger is compatible with it? Thanks!
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    Controller Modification for more speed?

    I'm curious, did you ever end up upgrading? Does the Dolphin having a freewheel make it a lot more difficult to upgrade?
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    Qualisports shipping time question

    I'm waiting for my bike too. I ordered it back in June but none of the ETAs have been met yet. I'm sure it's from the covid delays though.
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    What happens when the battery dies?

    Question for Dolphin or Volador owners, what happens when the battery runs out on a ride? Can you still ride it like a bike or does it lock up? Also curious, does the Dolphin come in red? It seems like the one reviewed on YouTube by ElectricBikeReview but it doesn't seem like they sell it anymore.