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    I am happy it is solved. I guess you just buy your e-bike. I was so frustrated in first few days too. Each time I see something wrong, I got super nervous. Sometimes even simple shake of your bike may solve the problems ;)
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    Looking for first ebike (tons of range, throttle, thick tire, no more than 1500 CAD)

    Yeah those ranges are all "very optimistic" values. Especially the ones some hub motors claim. I can't see anyone making 80 miles on single range on a hub motor e-bike. Hub motors have less range than mid motors Fat tires have less range due to friction Cold weather as mentioned decreases...
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    Super 73 S-1

    Thanks all. Does anyone live in Seattle who has Super 73 ? I want to try one
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    Super 73 S-1

    Is there anyone who owns a Super 73. How is their customer service. Online I read lot of bad and good comments so I am very confused.
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    Pedego DAPU mid Motor

    Agree about it. I won't be buying Dapu at least mid-motors. I heard brose are very quiet. Can you compare brose and yamaha ?
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    Pedego DAPU mid Motor

    I am planning to buy a Pedego City commuter which has a dapu mid motor. I don't know much about this brand. Can anyone advice if it is a good motor or not ? I feel shimano as a better option but it comes with higher price tag.
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    Best value (not cheapest) city ebike for hills (with quality components, etc)...

    For that price Ariel Rider seems a very good option. I personally love Tern too. So if I have some extra cash I would buy Tern but if 2K is my upper limit then Ariel seems a much better option. At least in terms of value.
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    Rad 750wt review

    No hub motor can give 80 Nm torque unless they have 8 mph top speed. Unfortunately both motor manufacturers and e-bike companies love writing huge values to their spec sheet. Hub motors even geared ones have single gear ratio. On the other hand mid-drive motors have multiple gear ratios...
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    Haibike Sduro Trekking 9.0 alternatives

    I read review of Court and I am very much into this e-bike. But can you tell me some alternatives of this e-bike. Such as R&M ? As i see there are only few 28 mph mid-drive trekking e-bikes in market.
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    Anybody tried Ruff Lil'Buddy?

    Thanks for reply but I guess it isn't so much related with my question. I guess you replied wrong...
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    Anybody tried Ruff Lil'Buddy?

    I saw video of Ruff Lil'Buddy but seems it isn't possible to buy in USA. Has anyone tried it ?
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    I’m an ebike newbie about to buy my first bike

    Ariel Rider C-Class new generation will be a good fit. Mid-drive, hydraulic brakes and internal hub gear. It is less than 2K. Also you can consider folding ebikes such as Tern Vektron (price is over 2k tough)