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    First e-bike purchase assistance: Specialized?

    Well I was told by Specialized that if I changed my spokes it would void the warrantee on the wheels even if I had the dealer do the work and If the replacement spokes caused damage to another part warrantee would be voided on that part too. Put a suspension fork on (like the European Como’s...
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    First e-bike purchase assistance: Specialized?

    The diamond Como Turbo 4.0 was my choice. The limited travel of the forks on the Vado do not make much difference in performance but do in weight. When it gets rough I just “air down” (35-40lb). The 40-42 gearing on the Como verses 48-42 on the Vado lets me climb all “road” hills I have here in...
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    Specialized Como 3.0 650b for sale

    Bought in 2021, Specialized Como 3.0 650b. 19 miles. Looks new and almost is… $2500 pick up in West Hebron NY Enlarge photos to see them in detail….
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    Specialized Como parts for sale

    I have metal Como fenders, 2 sets of tires and 2 seats. 2 sets of pedals and a set of grips. All “take offs” as close to new as you can get. Also New suspension fork for a Valdo. Make me an offer….. Thanks!
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    Yamaha PW chainring

    Feels like an improperly adjusted bearing or a bad sealed bearing. It’s side to side not up and down. The chainring bolts are tight.....
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    Yamaha PW chainring

    The chainring on my Yamaha PW has some play in it. The 36mm nut holding it on is tight. I have 2k miles on the motor. Is this normal?