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    could use some advice on my first e-bike

    Wanted to add a few more comments. I wouldn't worry too much about the 350 versus 500 watt issue. They both will take you where you want to go fast. For me, I prefer a step through bike. Just easier to get on and off especially with work clothes. The Stromer, Felt Sporte, Haibike touring...
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    For the ladies: Diamond or step through?

    I definitely prefer a step through. However, some of the eMTBs have a lower bar on them. I think the new Specialized Turbo X (the one with a suspension fork) is another bike that is lower.
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    Upgrading Brakes?

    Congrats on a decision. I have been looking for a lighter weight second bike to purchase to add to my Stromer and still am sitting on the fence. I keep finding "the one" and then I back away. For the Grace - lack of any dealers within probably 500 miles, the Specialized Turbo X - the issues...
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    could use some advice on my first e-bike

    I agree that two flight of stairs will not work with the Stromer - which is really too bad. One of the frustrating things about the emerging ebike business is not all bikes can be had and serviced locally. Because three other Bosch powered bikes come to mind that are even lighter than the...
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    could use some advice on my first e-bike

    I own a Stromer elite step through with the larger battery. The geometry of the bike fits me perfectly. I believe a Stromer would make a great commuter bike. I have had absolutely no trouble with mine at all. I would think the step through is an important feature for a female commuter...
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    2015 Models hit shops in San Diego yesterday...

    Also, if I am reading this right, Shea was going downhill when this happened.
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    Easy Motion USA Introduction

    When will the 2015 models be available for purchase? Are you able to adjust the assist levels on theses bikes? For example, low level assist from 70% down to 50%. Finally, what is the torque on the new Jet and 27.5 MTB?
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    What to Buy? Decided: Stromer ST1 Platinum

    Congratulations. You will really enjoy the bike.
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    What to Buy? Decided: Stromer ST1 Platinum

    I forgot to add that most of our bike riding is done straight from our house. We have bike paths within riding distance from the house. Also use the bike to run errands, stop by friends' houses, etc.
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    Specialized - Front Suspension Fork

    I would be interested in hearing from others on this too.
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    What to Buy? Decided: Stromer ST1 Platinum

    Hi Noreen. I am a woman and own a Stromer Elite step through. I just love my Stromer. The matte black is just a really cool look. The step through has the handle bars set a bit higher making for a comfortable riding position. Although it is heavy (I call it my tank), it doesn't feel like it...