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    Show us a recent sunset during your ride!

    Amazing pictures. What a wonderful occupation.
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    Complete this sentence... "For me, ebiking means..."

    Enjoyable riding with none of the tedium.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Your beautiful video made my day, so thank you for that.
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    New, 2020 Gazelle Medeo T10+

    I have a Gazelle T10+ Ultimate, and I have been nothing but pleased. They make beautiful bikes. I really enjoy just riding it with no assist. It is a blast to ride even in Eco, though.
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    Class 3 bike

    I have a Class 3 bike, but on universal paths with pedestrians, I generally am riding acoustically if there is anyone within sight. I have seen some vids of people constantly riding 20+mph on crowded paths, and I think that is pretty obnoxious, honestly. Just ride responsibly and safely and...
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    Welcome. Do you have an ebike yet, or still considering? Plenty of people here who can give you great feedback if you're looking.
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    Will you let your ebike take you 'where you don't belong' ???

    It was a dumb decision, but he seems to have learned from it, and wrote honestly about it. We all make stupid choices in life, not all of us learn from them. Good article, I enjoyed reading it.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    You have some beautiful paths and trails. Thanks for posting.
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    “Back in the day...”

    That's an excellent picture, Dallant. Check out the tires on those bikes.
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    Medeo t10+ or Dost Kope

    There is one long, pretty steep hill in my neighborhood, and the only time I really have to struggle getting over it on my T10+ is when I'm in much too high a gear, which happens occasionally. Otherwise, I never go higher than Tour mode. As always, the best way to decide on these things is to...
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    Medeo t10+ or Dost Kope

    When I bought my first ebike, I thought throttle would be something I'd want to have, but to be honest with you, I literally never used it other than just testing it. It's a 'nice to have', I suppose, but I don't miss it. This stuff is all personal preference, of course.
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    Medeo t10+ or Dost Kope

    I can't really compare, as I haven't ridden the Dost (although I was seriously considering it), and ended up getting a Gazelle T10+ Ultimate rather than Medeo, but one thing I would ask is, is having a dealer/ repair shop important to you? The fact that there is a Gazelle dealer in my city kind...
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    Newbie from Bellingham, WA

    Welcome! Thanks for sharing your background. You are in such a great area for biking.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Awesome writeup, Cowlitz. Were you able to get the bike in your camper during the thunderstorms?
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    New Bike, What's First?

    Get a decent hand pump. Worth its weight in gold. Sounds like you may have that covered, based on your background. But it's the best thing you can buy.
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    pffft I do this all the time!

    Whenever I see something like this, I just think of the hours and hours of practice they must have put in, and all the falls they must have taken. It's impressive.
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    A Road-Cyclist Thoughts On E-Bikes

    Since I got my ebike I've been riding almost every day, even sometimes when I'm really tired after work. It's even got me wanting to get out my Trek city non ebike. Almost always in assist 1, but it's nice knowing that if I get tired or just want to get home quickly, I can go to assist 3 or...
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    Hello from Alaska

    Beautiful riding country. Ever run into any menacing fauna?
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    What's your plan for a flat tire 10 miles from home?

    #4 for me. I only recently bought an ebike, and for the time being I'm not going that far from home. I have some of the necessary tools, but I have zero confidence I could get the tire off and patch the tube on the road unassisted. I'm thinking about getting AAA just as a precaution.
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    Changing to off road mode

    I live just inside Gahanna. There are fortunately a lot of residential areas here where there is little traffic, and streets with long stretches of no stop signs.