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    Turning on a Trek Domane HP +

    a link to bosch kiox computer is : according to it: "The Kiox is supplied with a partially charged battery. Before using it for the first time, this battery must be charged for at least...
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    Update on Domane HP ownership

    moving the cutch to "off" or engaging it, allows the chain to go slack and makes removing the rear wheel easier. after the wheel goes back on just reengage to tension the chain.
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    Cannondale Topstone Gravel Ebike

    I took the path of least resistance & "returned" the top stone neo carbon I ordered from REI & got a refund. I discussed the whole false advertising/ not what i ordered with a lawyer friend, their comment was basically - yup and REI can agree and keep you waiting for a long time. So i went to...
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    Cannondale Topstone Gravel Ebike

    thanks for suggestion - that niner does look pretty nice. i'll see what REI says.
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    Cannondale Topstone Gravel Ebike

    My Neo is at the REI in jacksonville & is likely a Class 1. One question is - what Class 3 bike compares to the Neo in price and weight? Trek domane is heavier and more $, giant is heavier, specialized is lighter but different "style" of drive, others? As a class 1 it compares to canyon grail...
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    Cannondale Topstone Gravel Ebike

    Following this with interest as my REI TS neo is expected in jacksonville on thursday. if class 1 i'm likely to just take advantage of that 100% satisfaction guarantee. guess i'll have to keep riding my 25 year old litespeed.