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    Decals or Paint on an Aventure?

    That would be awesome if that was an extra battery, but it is just my toolkit bag. i could theoretically fix a flat on a ride since I have a wrench, multi tool, levers, patch repair kit, and CO2 canisters in there, but I dread the idea of having to do that. I have since added Tannus Armour...
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    Decals or Paint on an Aventure?

    I am going the decal route since I can always remove the stickers and start over if I get a new inspiration later. So far I have a couple of stickers on the fenders, one on the main triangle, and reflective stripes on the wheels (not a fan of reflectors.) I took the picture below halfway...
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    Playing with the Aventure's gearing.

    This has been a very helpful thread. I have only had my Aventure for a little more than a month, but going up to a 52T front chainring is what I needed for the type of riding in my area (mostly flat, dirt/gravel trails/surface streets when I have to) and the problem of wishing I had one more up...