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    Suspension seat post for C380

    I ride an Ultimate C380+ with the Kinekt suspension seat and love it. I found the C380's aluminum frame and higher speeds transmitted every bump and road imperfection. The Kinekt solved all of that IMMEDIATELY. Very comfortable, particularly when off pavement. They also offer a great saddle...
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    Suspension Seat Post

    I added the Kinekt and love it. It’s hard to imagine a better accessory, especially at high speed. It can be ordered in different spring rates and then its adjustable to boot, so it’s pretty easy to dial in a perfect fit.
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    Review of Gazelle 380+ Mid step

    No lights on mine … but I got the cool “camo” version.
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    Review of Gazelle 380+ Mid step

    Took the advice of a previous poster and added the Kinect seat post to my 380+. What a difference … smooth as glass over pavers, street cracks, and so much better off the pavement. Expensive, but works as advertised and really smoothes out the ride above 20 mph.
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    Review of Gazelle 380+ Mid step

    Thanks for the tip on these pedals. I just installed them on my 380+ and they are WAAAY better than the stock pedals. Larger, more solid feel … great for biking with sandals which is 90% of my riding. I ended up getting the green/red/gray camo version which look great on the bike!
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    Review of Gazelle 380+ Mid step

    Update: Enviolo shifting has morphed with use. Less tightness to the shifter, easier to get into lowest (fastest) gear ratio. I think I read somewhere in this thread about someone else having a similar experience with some riding time under their belt, and it appears mine is going the same way...
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    Using E-Bike to get back into cycling.

    I just bought a Gazelle 380+ with a gates drive and enviolo hub. It brings bikes into the modern age and makes my Tour Easy LWB recumbent and Rivendell step-through feel like dinosaurs. I LOVE riding this thing. I’m finding excuses to ride rather than excuses not to ride. I’m going farther and...
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    Review of Gazelle 380+ Mid step

    Just picked up a mid step 380+ yesterday and wow! This thing is so cool! Awesome ride, hard to imagine how it could be better. Put 40miles on it today and just giggled the whole time. I have seen the same tight shifting under load as other posters, but quickly found that it disappears when you...