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    Known Issues & Problems with Benelli Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Sorry to hear. You might be out of luck. Benelli is one of those legacy Italian brands that is no longer Italian. The name is being licensed to a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer for motorcycles, but who knows what company/country has the licensed deal to market the e-bikes. It's the ongoing...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Benelli Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Perhaps try Benelli Canada. The lights seem to be on there because the website seems current and stock levels and such. Worth a shot.
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    Additional Fee when buying from a motorcycle dealer

    It's hard to find a bike shop that carries Yamaha. The politics of the bike industry. In order for a shop to offer a brand, manufacturers like Trek or Specialized have huge annual dealer minimum order requirements. So bike shops have to stick to as few brand as possible to make sure they sell...
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    Need to choose hub compatible with Civante speed sensor

    Incase it's helpful, here is a Japanese site where someone was able to make a set of Shimano RS wheels work for the Yamaha. Scroll down the gallery and you'll see wheel images.
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    Need to choose hub compatible with Civante speed sensor

    I am interested in hearing about the mod to make non Yamaha hubs work with the hub magnet attachment.
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    Haibike PW-ST not working.

    This is correct. The Speedbox units are not compatible with Yamaha branded bikes because their unique speed sensor on the rear hub, instead of the typical spoke magnet with chain stay sensor. This would be for models like the Urban Rush, Civante, etc...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Benelli Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    For e-bike matters, Benelli is hard to get a hold off as they don't push their bikes in the US market much anymore. They still do import their motorcycles into the USA under their parent company SSR. Perhaps you can try to contact them and see if they can point you in the right direction. 13220...
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    Sduro Yamaha PW-SE clunky pedal engagement.

    My less than 400 miles Urban Rush has recently developed this clunk when engaging after coasting. It wasn't there before, but came on infrequently at first, but now it's consistently there. There seems to be some play in the cranks too if try to wiggle the cranks.
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    Hilltopper Sprinter Review - 2020 Version w/ Trigger Throttle & Water-Bottle Style Battery

    Thanks for the great writeup. I was eyeing this front wheel Hill Topper kit for an old hybrid bike. On a side note, it's interesting that modern day gravel bikes are just evolving into what 90's hybrid and rigid mountains bikes were (fatter 700c, RedShift suspension stems, and suspension seat...
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    Bianchi's e-Omnia family of city, tourer, and mtb e-bikes

    I was reading about these and the emerging new category of e-SUV bikes. Good point on the unsprung weight of rear cargo rack. Perhaps won't matter in real world riding for this kind of bike. As a moto rider and cyclist, I can see something like this being much more successful and approachable...
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    Benelli Mantus 500 Hardtail

    Being a moto rider, I've noticed these Benelli branded hard tails showing up at motorcycle dealers listings while shopping for motorcycles. Seems to be more than a rebranded Alibaba offering that's flooding the market these days. Looks like it uses a 500w Bafang rear hub and no throttle. What I...
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    My Civante reivew

    Yes my Urban Rush arrived complete dry of any lube. I had to lube the seat post because it's a major source or creak.
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    Civante GPS/Computer mounting

    Thanks for the info. I was curious too. Trying to see if there is a good alternative to the Yamaha branded fenders.
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    Additional Fee when buying from a motorcycle dealer

    Same here. Adding to that, the experience of buying from a moto dealership can be like buying a car. That's another negative consumer experience factor.
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    Additional Fee when buying from a motorcycle dealer

    As a motorcycle rider and cyclist, just wanted to inform others about the ADM dealer fee. Additional Dealer Mark-up... ADM Fee. It might cost you more than MSRP if you buy from a moto dealer. As an industry, many dealers add a fee called "ADM Fee" that can be up to an additional $500. ADM...
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    Paint quality

    Just adding to this thread that my Urban Rush also has brittle paint. Avoid having metal to metal contact like parking meter pole. I've added clear stick-on protectors to prone areas. The most brittle paint of any bike I've owned.
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    2020 Civante Creaks like a rocking chair

    Seems like despite how much tightening and greasing done, the sounds do eventually come back in one way or another. Creaks just seem to be the nature of the beast with Yamaha. The Yamaha motors mount on the top side, perhaps that's why with all the flex that occurs in the bottom bracket area...
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    Yamaha Urban Rush Reviews

    One thing to share is the real world actual top speed. I don't see it mentioned much in Urban Rush reviews, but the topic has come up for the other Yamaha models with the same motor. It's actually not easy to get the bike to 20mph. The assist starts to taper off and maxes out around the 19-ish...
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    Yamaha Urban Rush Reviews

    I work in marketing and advertising. That said, gravel bikes are a very popular segment of the bike industry right now and the Wabash addresses the product slot for this popular bike category. They are all the rage right now and the next move in the bike industry is to offer an electric gravel...
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    Yamaha Urban Rush Reviews

    Since we're on the topic of Japanese YPJ-ER domestic version of this bike, here is interesting site of user reviews and photos from Asia. Here are some fun custom bikes. Really shows the flexibility of this Yamaha frame. They can be setup for...