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    Bosch CX motor, gen 4, 20mph, 85Nm

    $450. Fully programmed, low-mileage Bosch CX gen 4 motor. 20mph / 32kmh. 85Nm torque. Came off a Trek Powerfly that got a 28mph motor. Ready to run with the latest firmware. Not Smart System compatible. This is the prior generation of Bosch motor. See photos for diagnostic report showing current...
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    2023 Trek Fx+ and Dual Sport+

    It's the same system in the Electra bikes with integrated downtube battery. Also the same in the newer Domane+ AL.
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    2023 Trek Fx+ and Dual Sport+

    I test rode an FX+ (or maybe Dual Sport+?) at a Trek store and the delay between pedaling and getting assist made me think the torque sensor wasn't even working. It was pretty unpleasant after having ridden mid-motors.
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    First full service on my Domane HP Questions

    If they disassemble the front isospeed it also involves messing with a ton of cables which could make it more expensive. But I'd say checking torque on the motor bolts, isospeed bolts (doesn't involve any major disassembly, just popping off covers), and crank bolts is a good idea. They can check...
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    Another disappointment from Bosch updated

    WD-40 isn't meant to lubricate things like chains or suspension pivots. It really doesn't serve any purpose on a bicycle. And maybe by taping up so many seams it's actually preventing water from draining away? Do you have an air compressor that you can use to gently blow water out of nooks and...
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    Domane +HP Chain Drop

    Wow! That's really clever 😎
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    Trek Domane +HP 2021

    28mm tires...haha! :P
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    Trek Domane HP 2022?

    That's surprising! But nice to see.
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    My updated Trek Domane +HP review - now with 4565 miles on it

    The HP is indeed approved for a rear rack. Specifically the Bontrager MIK rack (non-disc). You can check here...
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    Trek Domane HP 2022?

    I blame poor marketing :P
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    Trek Powerfly 4 & 5

    Just got my wife a Powerfly 4 (hard tail). It has a 38T ring. Anyone know if a 40T would fit?
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    Trek Domane HP 2022?

    It's discontinued :(
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    Trek Domane +HP 2021

    This is 100% incorrect! Only the 500Wh will fit.
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    Trek Domane +HP 2021

    On a super hilly gravel ride using mostly eco and tour mode, I got 70 miles out of the 500Wh battery, and that was on the older Bosch motor on the first generation Domane+.
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    Which Domane models can accept a rear rack and panniers?

    You can put the standard "non-disc" Bontrager rack on the "Domane+ HP" model, if you can still find one. I have one on mine.
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    Domane +HP Chain Drop

    Did you double check that the chain is indexed properly on the front ring? It's not a true narrow-wide but there is a little graphic on the backside of the ring that shows where the wide links/narrow links need to be aligned w/respect to the chainring teeth. Might help!
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    Trek Powerfly 4 & 5

    That's typical of a lot of droppers but you could loosen the seat post clamp screw by a quarter turn. Sometimes droppers are over tightening in the seat tube and that restricts their smoothness.
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    Bosch 2022 updates

    The 500w is in a shorter casing than the 625w...
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    global warming

    this is a horrible take...go away!
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    Bontrager Lync lighting system on Domane + HP

    There's a setting for the light that your dealer can possibly adjust. It tells the system how much battery it needs to preserve to keep the light operating for a certain amount of time after if you run out of assist range (I forget what the time amount is...). Lowering the value as much as...