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    Good Reads for the Season is indeed an amazing thing. I've been reading there for a long time, and have never wanted to try something else. And agree with your point about James Lee Burke books narrated by Will Patton - one of my favorite
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    Consider helping a University student by taking a quick survey about E-bikes!

    Found this survey too late to complete, but I hope it went well. Did you manage to get enough info? I know that a lot of people just ignore things like this. Some time ago, I also needed to do something like this, and I posted a questionnaire on one forum. I did manage to receive not enough...
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    Winter Is Coming - Biking in Cold Weather

    I like biking in winter, it just feels different. But last winter I underestimated the weather and importance of proper clothing, and got ill, and spent two weeks at home. So think winter I'll be more prepared
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    Ebike Industry Insight Survey (Academic)

    I think it may be about reasons why people buy ebikes. Or, which bikes they prefer, and how they made decision which one to buy ( model, price, characteristics) and so on