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    GIANT RideControl App 2.0

    I updated today with no problems on my Anytour E+2. No obvious changes what so ever. My eternal hope to be able to plan a route in the app without being connected to the bike or to use a Komoot tour for navigation (as promised) or even have a clock on the display without the app being connected...
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    I love my Giant Anytour E+2 but feel equally let down by the on board "Navigation" offered as part of the sales and marketing of the Ride Control Evo display on this and other Giant ebikes. The Navigation is utterly useless on so many levels. I contacted Giants support and got deflected by a...
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    Looking for Giant Dailytour E+ 1 Opinions

    My previous bike had a Bosch Performance line Speed 65nm and my present bike is a Giant Anytour (Yamaha) sync drive sport motor 75nm In my experience the Yamaha motor in the Giant is very much quieter than the Bosch. Both motors have performed faultlessly the Bosch had about 3000m and the Giant...
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    Cut through grip end on 2019 La Free?

    I just drilled through the end of my grip and then opened out the hole with a sharp Stanley knife to the size of the bar itself.
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    Komoot and the new Bosch Kiox navigation

    Thanks for the info, can I ask what sort of mobile you use for the ebike connect app? Ive tried 2 android mobiles Huawei P30pro and Original Pixel XL both on android 10, neither of these mobile will open Komoot tours on the ebike connect app, however on my wifes iPhone it works perfectly, I can...
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    Komoot and the new Bosch Kiox navigation

    Squaxor I'm confused by what is required to use a Komoot route to navigate on a Kiox, if I understand you correctly I would need to take out a Komoot premium subscription to be able to view the Komoot route on the Bosch mobile app and to send that route to the Kiox to navigate by? I can see my...
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    Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte NuVinci HS

    Hi Bill A I have just read your great review of the R&M Cruiser from 2017, i am considering this bike and wonder if you have any further thoughts on it after your initial review?