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    Del Mar

    Four years ago, I was introduced to e-bikes when I rented one from a Pedego store on a visit to Solana Beach, California. I saw a couple others on the road, but it was mostly groups of road bike riders in spandex. Last week, we spent a week on vacation in Del Mar, the next town south of Solana...
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    Gazelle Ultimate T10+ vs Trek Allant +8S

    I would guess that all manufacturers produce an occasional bad bike. I also find that there just aren't that many people who really know the e-bike end of e-bikes. Finding them is more or less a random thing. I've been happy with my Trek Cross Rip + (3000 miles 18 months). So far, the...
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    Am I in the right place?

    Welcome! Looking forward to hearing about the Sur Ron.
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    Going in Circles My E-bike Experience So Far

    I've gotten to the point where I recognize a lot of the bikes/faces on my local bike trail. For some reason, there are a bunch of people on Elliptigos and recumbents. There's one guy in a wheelchair that he powers with his arms through something like a bike crank. He also carries a floor pump...
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    Going in Circles My E-bike Experience So Far

    Thanks for filling me in about the feasibility one battery tour on your BH. IIRC, the BH is Yamaha based and has a 2X front derailleur. One of the issues with the BMW e-bike which allegedly was also made by BH was somewhat higher gearing and the Bosch 2nd generation motor which had a little...
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    Going in Circles My E-bike Experience So Far

    Wow! I looked up 32x52 at a cadence of 90 rpm and it's 4.4 mph. I take it that's why you can climb pretty much anything with a very heavy load even with the power off.
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    Going in Circles My E-bike Experience So Far

    In 2018, my assortment of 3 conventional bikes had mostly hung in my garage other than occasional outings of about 12 miles on my hard-tailed mountain bike. 2 of the bikes were 30 years old; I was keeping them around for purely sentimental reasons. All my bikes needed maintenance. My love of...
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    Handlebar Bags : Experiences & Recommendations

    This handlebar bag showed up on my Facebook feed. It doesn't say it's waterproof, there are no dimensions, I have no idea about quality, and I don't even know who makes it. I like the basic idea of having the screw in mount deck on the top. It's also relatively cheap, maybe not a good sign...
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    I confess, this thread is easily my favorite thread on the site: a cross between e-bike porn and travel photos from around the world. Today's ride off the Tennessee River in Knoxville may not actually count, because I did it on my road bike. I'd recently had a shop help me lower the gearing on...
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Back on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I did 42 miles (21 each way) from Blowing Rock, North Carolina to EB Jeffress Park a little bit beyond Boone. I was surprised to find it was 4600 + feet of climbing, something I couldn't do on a regular bike these days. My Bosch 500 battery had just slipped to...
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    Small Airplane

    I spent some time seriously considering the Carbo x, so I joined their Facebook group. I think there are birthing pains with any company making a bike for the first time and there are a number of Carbo buyers who seem quite happy. There have also been problems. I don't worry about minor...
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    R.I.P. CrossRip+

    I have a CrossRip+ which I bought used from another member here who moved on to a Turbo Creo SL. I've had a great time with it (1800 miles 6 months), because it's so flexible. I've used it as a road bike, a grocery getter, as a gravel bike, etc. Oddly, I mostly got it because I wanted to do...
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    Am I crazy to carry a 12 pound security chain around with me?

    I think everyone weighs the security vs. weight/nuisance question a bit differently. There's no such thing as an unbreakable bike lock. Personally, I think a twelve pound lock is too bulky/heavy for someone who says he never plans to be away from his bike for more than fifteen minutes. It...
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    E-bikes in Denali National Park

    Thanks....seems very reasonable to me.
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    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    The Bully looks interesting. I think the use of the pager or a cellphone signal makes more sense for an alarm than bluetooth. The only advantage for bluetooth is that there's no monthly fee. I definitely wouldn't buy the ziilock for the alarm, but the form factor, fingerprint reader, cellphone...
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    A Road-Cyclist Thoughts On E-Bikes

    The trek crossrip plus is discontinued, but they pop up used from time to time for around 2.4 k. It comes with rack and fenders. BULLS makes something similar and there's also the yamaha civante. All are drop bars class 3 and take a rack.
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    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    to lock and unlock it's about 30 feet. for the location information/alarm, it's much better than that.
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    Simon Cowell breaks back falling from ebike

    Sorry to hear about it and hope he recovers quickly. I suppose the bike performance was exciting, but it might have been too pitchy.