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  1. NYC Rider

    Look of horror when I mention getting an eBike

    Its probably a money thing. They don't view you as someone that will ever come in and plunk down the scratch for a new and likely overpriced bike.
  2. NYC Rider

    Electric Trike Activist in Moldova - Video

    The ballsy Stop A Douchebag group, based in Moscow, has a Moldova crew. Their latest video features a gent protesting encroaching vehicles and poor sidewalk condition from his electric trike. Anything that increases the visibility of small electric vehicles is good.
  3. NYC Rider

    $1200 Late Fee, Returning Citibike (rental)

    He did it for the 15 minutes of fame?
  4. NYC Rider

    A 'real' flat-resistant tire?

    I had a bad experience with the Marathon Plus. I took my Neo Jumper on a rocky trail and got a flat. I have banged over lots of rocks and rarely gotten flats from it. After removing the tire I found broken metal bands protruding in one spot towards the tube. In fairness, the tire received...
  5. NYC Rider

    What's in a name?

    Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad (just made that up)
  6. NYC Rider

    Interesting ride thread.

    Lets see more interesting rides! and this from another YouTuber to the song North American Scum by LCD Sound System...
  7. NYC Rider

    Attack of the mutant stealth thorns!

    Learned about thorns this month. Recurring slow leaking flats and patches had me stumped. The tire was clean, but when I compared the location of the tube puncture to the tire, I found the tiniest thorn. Then I put on my reading glasses and did a more thorough search. I found about 6 of...
  8. NYC Rider

    Regenerative braking

    Why can I toggle resistance on and off with the brake? Yes there is a bit of drag from the motor being forced to spin backwards, but ...already said the rest. Didn't measure with a voltmeter, only know what I'm feeling.
  9. NYC Rider

    Regenerative braking

    However, I spoke to a local e-bike expert and he pointed out that if I roll my geared hub motor backwards, and then pull the brake enough to activate the motor cutoff switch, I would feel resistance to rolling backward. I thought he was mis-informed, but I tried it anyway and its true! Next...
  10. NYC Rider


    Since I started using mirrors I have come to appreciate daytime headlights. Cars are sometimes invisible in full daylight for different reasons, especially if the sun is behind them. Also I have to wipe the mirrror clean with my shirt every week, that helps immensely. Considering how many...
  11. NYC Rider

    New Neo Jumper owner from Kentucky - intro and questions

    The shop cut off the excess rubber for me and nobody is the wiser, except all of you now.
  12. NYC Rider

    NYC Electric Bike Law

    Only on the long downhills of East River bridges does anyone pass me. And then I'm not even trying, saving my battery, enjoying scenery. Its not a race, its transportation.
  13. NYC Rider

    Got my 1st "cheater" shout today

    In the last week, in NYC, I have seen two or three people on these new micro segway things. Its like a motorized skateboard but the wheels are at the ends so your feet are side by side, like on a segway. The only thing amazing about them is how few people on the street stop and stare in...
  14. NYC Rider

    Ebike Discussion: Speed, Cheating?, Laws, Post good articles...

    Don't worry, as populations in industrialized nations age and become poorer, as transit infrastructure fails to accommodate growing demand, e-bikes will fill the gap. The public will demand it. The minority food delivery people in NYC, a good 50% of them, are on ebikes and electric scooters...
  15. NYC Rider

    New tires

    Thanks. I never saw that before.
  16. NYC Rider

    New tires

    The tips are thinner and the nut is not fully accessible, kinda sunk in there.
  17. NYC Rider

    Rear view mirrors

    Same here. I like it folded under the grip so it does not protrude past the edge of the handlebar. This only works if your butt is well narrower than your handlebars!
  18. NYC Rider

    New Neo Jumper owner from Kentucky - intro and questions

    I have a spare but have no way to carry it on my jumper. Wearing the tripod bag I keep it in doesn't seem desirable. Fortunately, some rides can be done figure 8 style, passing my car midway. I was considering carrying the spare for the first quarter of a ride, then hiding it half depleted...
  19. NYC Rider

    New tires

    Finally got my first flat, but it wasn't the fault of the tires failing to prevent puncture. I got a puncture directly across the tube cross section from the air valve. Since I last pumped the tube to the recommended tire max of 55 lbs over a week earlier (14 days at most), I probably had...