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  1. Adrian.s

    Any rad riders in Montreal or surrounding area looking for other enthusiastic people 🤓😆🚴

    New to ebike took bike out once got fenders want to get out even winter approaching lolllll😷😂🚴‍♀️🚵
  2. Adrian.s

    Radrunner finally completed in time for snow lolllll

    I got my radrunner a few weeks ago ,added a few accessoires, looks much cooler in person😎 than videos and pics on internet,zipped around neibourhod for a few hours like a kid loll too bad im allergic to the cold😂🚴
  3. Adrian.s

    Which model is better off road? Mini or Rad step thru?

    I just received my radrunner1 what a beast of a bike liking it very much!!🎅😆🤓🚴
  4. Adrian.s

    What do I need for my new bike?

    You ll be surprised what you think of lolll, torque kit,chain lube wet and dry, degreaser, pouch or saddle bags and a big plastic bag you cant take your electric xp out in rain your going to loose the warranty,happy trails good luck with your next bike lolll🚴
  5. Adrian.s

    Rad Power Bikes question..

    Good ? I got a radrunner waiting on my display 4 weeks today lolllll did it ever work i be curious to know 👍🚴
  6. Adrian.s

    Rad White wire speed hack

    Their really good at wasteing time, its become a big headache to get around especially since they added bike lanes everywhere lolllll🚴🚲🚴‍♀️🚵👍😂
  7. Adrian.s

    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    Can we buy one good one lollll What happens if you need just one? My rear axle has bolt and screw tensioner usually can t touch that!!!
  8. Adrian.s

    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    Any advice on a brand of skewer ?for a new rad ebike front fork quick release please tell me it would be much appreciated,size also please?
  9. Adrian.s

    Tighten Skewer on new radrunner can someone tell me if the thumb nut supposed to turn after lifting lever

    Thks for the tip im glad i haven't tooken bike out yet,by the damage inside the box!!! it got rocked around alot the base plate smashed, imagine? Talked to rad its on the way ,little did i know you can get them local bike shop and amazon lolll newbie any advice on a brand of skewer?🤓still super...
  10. Adrian.s

    New RadMission basket

    Lets hope 🤞🤓its not going to good for Americans right now ,im in no hurry its going down to -14'c in montreal tonight lollll☃️ thks for your reply 👍happy trails buddy
  11. Adrian.s

    New RadMission basket

    Yes my rad was tossed around in box baseplate for front forks was smashed,so it bounced around crossing canada,my skewer works it tightens,but thumbnut keeps turning its probably striped i was thinking ?thks for replying 👍🤓
  12. Adrian.s

    Skewer thumbnut ?is it supposed to turn after tightening lever?

    Is the thumb nut supposed to turn after tightening lever itself,i tryed the lever many times the nut still turns ? Is this normal?i got a radrunner this weekend with some damages in box around front forks!!
  13. Adrian.s

    New RadMission basket

    Can i ask you a question does your thumbnut still turn even after lifting skewer lever?🤓👍
  14. Adrian.s

    New radrunner does the thumb nut on skewer still turn after tightening lever?

    My radrunner1 skewer is alitte rigid it is very stiff,thumb nut turns after alot of effort to close,is this normal? Anyone can confirm me if their bikes are doing this too please
  15. Adrian.s

    Tighten Skewer on new radrunner can someone tell me if the thumb nut supposed to turn after lifting lever

    I got my radrunner1 on Saturday some damages to box front forks smashed through base plate might have some problems not sure if thumb nut is still supposed to turn even after putting in a serious effort to close supertight the lever?the lever itself doesnt stay lose! Like shown in videos, until...
  16. Adrian.s

    New RadMission basket

    I got it Saturday tweaked the breaks thks to youtube waiting for rad to get back to me about something else other than that ,way more cool than i imagined it loving the tires ,matte finish👍🤓still waiting on fenders and seat, display too bad its miserable outside 0'c tempted but not in a hurry...
  17. Adrian.s

    Rad White wire speed hack

    Change the size of tires on screen 👍😄 i ordered the display for mine but mainly to check the watt output,and distance travelled, how fast do you need to go ? Lollll 32 kph is plenty considering the limit for cars in my city Montreal,qc is 30kph
  18. Adrian.s

    New radrunner xmas came early just need some tips!!

    It worked!!! ill fine tune from here thks alot buddy👍🎄😆🤓🚲
  19. Adrian.s

    New radrunner xmas came early just need some tips!!

    Thks i saw a few videos,but hesitated ,its a brand new bike,i v been tinkering with it since yesterday obviously no one is working at rad on weekends,i just asked for their opinion 👍🤓but new i was on the right track😄