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    Hello, wanted to switch out chainring on FREY EX PRO, just curious if you knew what kind of bolts hold chainring to stock spyder on the m620? Want to get those in a blue color so kind of need to know what to order. Maybe size (length, etc.). I've included some pictured of different bolts...
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    Luna Z1 - First impressions

    As a m620 owner I can tell you that even if your Lance Armstrong you'll get 40 max on 1 battery if PAS. If you rock a spare then double that, but let's be honest you'll have a blast!
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    FREY EX PRO battery/charger connector type?

    Ok that's great news, and you have a FREY EX? If so then that would be what my bike will be shipping with!! Really appreciate your getting back to me! Oh hey, how do you like your FREY? Any words of advice for me to look out for? Thx buddy
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    FREY EX PRO battery/charger connector type?

    Hello all Frey owners, I was hoping one of you out there would be able to tell me what type of connector plugs into the bikes batteries? Is it a 2.5mm, 3 pin, xlr, etc.? Reason I ask is I haven't received my bike yet from manufacturer but I wanted to buy an adaptor for my Grin Cycle Satiator...