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  1. Gus


    I can easily break the chain on my Bafang BBSHD if I push it too hard in the wrong gear or shift under load. Especially if it's a dainty 10-speed chain. I've gotten over 1,500 problem free miles on a $18 KMC 9-speed chain that is not rated for ebikes (most can run a thicker 9-speed chain in a...
  2. Gus

    Battery sleeves for cold climate

    Has anyone seen real-world data that shows these neoprene battery covers provide any benefit? I got one with an Easy Motion Snow and I've seen no benefit from using it. I commute year around in Michigan 20 miles each day. I get the exact same battery drain with and without it. This is over...
  3. Gus

    Problems with ST2S

    The headset on my ST1 was loose (did we all buy them from the same place?) when I received it. Keep in mind it's a compression headset. You cant just tighten the bolt at the top and expect it to to tighten the headset. There are two rotating elements that have to be rotated to make it tight...
  4. Gus


    See you at RAGBRAI this year! I'll look out for the white ST2. I have the same trekking/butterfly bars on my Surly LHT that I am taking. For long rides they cannot be beat for hand positions since i hate drop bars. Its a hilly route this year so an eBike should be pretty sweet. How are you...
  5. Gus

    ST1 Elite MPH

    This isn't the exact graph that I was referring to but it's close. Attached is the torque VS speed curves for the various Stromer models (note the units are metric). The Elite (Mountain 33) motor assist degrades rapidly beyond 20 mph and pretty much has no power assist beyond 24 mph. The...
  6. Gus

    ST1 Elite MPH

    The elite requires a lot of assist to maintain 25 mph. The power level tapers off heavily past 20 mph (I think the stromer power vs speed assist curvers are buried in this forum somewhere). The elite's sweet spot is in the 21-22 mph range. I changed around all the codes and no setting increased...
  7. Gus

    ST1 Power flcuation

    What are the little assist level arrows in the bottom right corner of the display doing when all this happens? Do you go from 1-3 arrows to no arrows when the assist goes out or do you have no assist but still have the same level of arrows?
  8. Gus

    Sondors Fact Finding. Due Diligence. Scrutiny.

    None of the update photos contain any Sondors frame or components, which is a bit odd. I'm sure they'll be working on it next.o_O
  9. Gus

    Performance upgrades to the Stomer?

    What tire pressure are you running? The gains from a carbon stem and handlebar are going to be minimal compared to what you can get out of the tires. You've got 2.1" tires, they will dampen out a ton if set to proper pressure.
  10. Gus

    How the Game Works - CF 101

    I disagree. I always get questions about my Stromer but no one cares about the drivetrain, the motor, or the PAS system. I have been asked "can you do burnouts?" at least a half a dozen times and everyone is confused why it doesn't have a motorcycle type throtle. No one ever cares about the...
  11. Gus

    Stromer ST1 codes

    Did you see a change with the 3773 code? The input for this code is weird. The unit is shown as "mph" but you can only enter a 2 digit number. The first digit as 1-7 and the second as 0-9. I don't notice any difference not matter what number I put in. That is, 79 (the highest I can enter) has...
  12. Gus

    Custom Conversion vs Stock.

    Ahhh, the rear wheel does appear to be smaller. I noticed that now too. Clever way to get room behind the seat tube for the battery. The two wheels looked the same size when I first looked at it. This bike is white and gold not black and blue, right? ;)
  13. Gus

    Custom Conversion vs Stock.

    That bike is sweeeeeeet! No gears though with a Bafang mid drive? Or is there an IGH hiding in there?
  14. Gus

    Storm Fat Bike vs Prodaco Tech Rebel XS Fat Bike

    Ahh EU, this is the United States of America. The land of the unsafe fatties. I believe the only thing that is required is reflectors. No bell. No fenders. The majority of bike riders here are weekend cyclists that play dress-up in lycra and try to be Lance for a few hours. Insura-wha...
  15. Gus

    Storm Fat Bike vs Prodaco Tech Rebel XS Fat Bike

    Storm Bike Vs A Kids Bike (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Only $62 bucks with an infinite range compared to only 50 miles of the storm. This thing SMOKES the Storm and includes a nifty plastic case to carry your snacks, just like the Sondors.
  16. Gus

    Body Float Suspension Seat Post Thoughts

    The winter does a number on the roads in Chicago. There are sections of road that when I roll over it its enough to throw my chain and make my panniers fall off. These roads have bumps that go right through the bike, into your spine, and into your teeth. Its really, really bad. I need to move...
  17. Gus

    Getting Ready For an eBike

    Just a word of caution depending on what eBike you get. If you get a hub motor ebike, with a large weight bias towards the rear its going to give a nasty teeter-totter effect with only a 1.25" hitch when carrying only 1 bike (not so much with a 2" hitch). Rear racks are much more stable if the...
  18. Gus

    Stromer ST1 Platinum aftermarket full coverage fenders that match?

    Modified L-bracket spray painted black secured to the fender with a zip tie. Everything is covered in salt right now, but since everything is black its barely noticeable and puts the fender right above the tire. 3,000+ miles and it hasn't moved at all.
  19. Gus

    Stromer ST1 Platinum aftermarket full coverage fenders that match?

    Yep, I'll take some photos of it tonight and post them
  20. Gus

    Say Hello To Storm

    I would suggest reading posts here outside of the Sondors forum. The Sondors forum is like the dirty bathroom of EBR.