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  1. Mike Smith

    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    Looks like the difference may be related to a couple of things. First unless your lighter weight bike offsets your difference in body weight your GF has the advantage in overall weight. Second, her geared rear hub motor vs your middrive may be in her advantage as well, especially if you are...
  2. Mike Smith

    Note to Court: Feature FAT RIDERS on test rides!

    Sorry corrected mt post to 275 lbs. Now am I a big guy, lol.
  3. Mike Smith

    Note to Court: Feature FAT RIDERS on test rides!

    Great post and I agree 100 %. Most/ alot of the potential ebike buyers are not Xgen 20 something year olds looking for a kick. They are baby boomers, overweight out of shape people, or people with disabilities that prohibit them from normal bike riding. It would be great to see some average...
  4. Mike Smith

    Career Opportunities in Ebikes?

    I would love to find career opportunity in the the ebike world on the East Coast, live I MD, as I believe this is the wave of the future in biking for a variety of the biking market, including biking commuters, seniors who just want to get out and ride again, anyone with other physical...
  5. Mike Smith

    Is the 350 enough?

    Agree. Go with the 500 W and you won't be sorry. More power equals extra power and speed up hills. There is a huge difference between 350 and 500 w in my opinion, as I have 500 w at 260 plus pounds and my wife has 350w at 140 pounds and there is no way she can keep up with me in a race...
  6. Mike Smith

    Is the 350 enough?

  7. Mike Smith

    What would Court Ride?

    My guess, the Easy Motion Evo 27.5. That would be my choice if I were his sizw, but I'm alot heavier and need at leaSt 500w power.
  8. Mike Smith

    Diamondback selling off their ebikes

    No, I have to agree with Pappy. I purchased the DB Trace EXC at my local PB shop in Towson, MD after months of research and they had to look it up online to see if they even sold that bike, and after talking to about 8 employees none of them even knew that they sold ebikes. PB is better out of...
  9. Mike Smith

    What kind of bell do you use?

    I like the sound of the Crane bell. If that doesn't get their attention then they are either deaf or from West Virginia, lol. I will buy one of those soon. Thanks for the post.
  10. Mike Smith

    2015 Eurobike ebikes displayed

    F the Europeans, lol. We have great ebike builders and companies here in the USA and Canada. None of those bikes looked like very innovative or cutting edge...same old euro trash stuff. There will be great innovations coming from the North American market soon IMHO.
  11. Mike Smith

    Need help picking first E-Bike

    Check out the Diamondback Trace EXC on sale now at Performance Bikes if you have one close. Great bike at any price and if you can get it for less than 2k its a steal. Good review here as well. Let us know what you buy finally .,,
  12. Mike Smith

    Thudbuster Failure Ouch!

    Robert as a plus 250 lb rider I have the Body Float with the stiffest suspension springs and after dialing it in it is a dream. You don't even realize its working until you've gone for a long ride and realize your butt and privates are not in any pain. It's a grear system and much more high...
  13. Mike Smith

    Carbon handlebars, soften impact on hand/wrists?

    Padded gloves and foremost Ergo grips will make all the differecents in your ride. Handlebars have to be stiff for a reason wether steel or carbon for a reason and will not provide much relieve on a hard ride. Count on gloves but first of all grips to provide added comfort.
  14. Mike Smith

    New Jersey & Electric Bike's - anyone know the current laws?

    In that case you're fine whatever you do. As everyone knows, Philly fans are much more reserved, refined, and respectful than NY fans, LOL. Just ride and have fun and don't try to get noticed. I don't believe anyone is going to hassle you as long as you are obeying the basic bike rules of...
  15. Mike Smith

    "E-bikes are for lazy people, seniors and smokers with early-stage emphysema"

    I agree with the title of this post, but hey, there are a lot of us in that exact situation, so why not let us ride too. Who are we hurting? The lycra lizard packs will be there some day as well. Nice post.
  16. Mike Smith

    Just Bought the 2015 OHM XS 750 sport

    OHM makes a beautiful bike, and with Bionx you can't go wrong. Enjoy
  17. Mike Smith

    New Jersey & Electric Bike's - anyone know the current laws?

    I believe the laws are that as long as your wearing your wife beater T-shirt, gold chain, and Yankees hat (on sideways of course) the cops have to leave you alone, lol. Just having some NJ ( what exit?) fun, lol.
  18. Mike Smith

    Cost-Benefit Comparison: instant switch from a legal 20mph "bicycle" to 40+ mph motorcycle

    I think one of Mike Leroy's Mountain Lion friends had him for dinner, lol. "Oh, Pauley, wont see him no more".
  19. Mike Smith

    New Lumos Helmet Kickstarter

    Yes but their website shows that it does have flashing white strobe lights on the front of the helmet for visibility to oncoming traffic. I'm more concerned about who's behind me that I can't see and maybe doesn't see me. My main concern is the fit. Every bike helmet feels different to me and...
  20. Mike Smith

    Just Bought the 2015 OHM XS 750 sport

    I hope you love it. Great bike and components and Bionx. Please send pictures and review once you've tried it out.