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    Looking at Full Suspension Class3+ EMTB for Commuting and Trail Riding

    This should show you more detail. Thanks, Kevin
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    Looking at Full Suspension Class3+ EMTB for Commuting and Trail Riding

    I came across this and was wondering if you would be interested in a 2019 Haibike Xduro AllMountain6. I've had the bike for a while, but increased age and retirement put me in the position of wanting to sell it. It is in excellent shape, has both front and rear adjustable suspension, (Fox) a...
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    Looking for class 3 emtb, duel suspension and 3' tires

    Hi Jack. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I am asking $2800 which is a fair price as it has a list price of $6,995. This includes both batteries. At this point I wouldn't be looking for a replacement. Where are you located? I am in the Chicago suburbs.
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    1000 miles

    Good stuff. I am at 822 but weather in Chicago leads me to believe I won't hit 1000 until April. I have new rack and fenders to install anway
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    Strava App

    I use it and love it. Same issue with remembering to turn it on. It seems to be pretty accurate
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    X3 Pro from Amazon (Rizzo's Ride)

    Looks great! Mine is the tan color. I have been having fits trying to get a rack that fits around the large seat post. Haven't been able to find a front fender either. Can you send me the model numbers for each and where you ordered them from? Many thanks. Kevin [email protected]
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    Any recent buyers have fun with their X3 Pros yet?

    I am over 300 weekend miles on mine and am loving it. The longest ride i have done is 38 miles and I still had 45% battery. Things i like: - range - power - comfort - It's fun! Things that don't really work: - the derailleur is the wrong one (Shimano Tourney and not Altus) and it is crap. -...