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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    Welcome! Very well said. You have a clear understanding of the best use-case for that bike. I've had a 4.0 non EQ for 1 year and continue to enjoy it very much.
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    Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

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    Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

    Just take a tiny bit of vado. You don't need much... Just a vittle vado will do.
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    Creo 2 short supply?

    35Nm mid drive (Vado SL) is likely overkill for my uses as a calorie burner Street machine. I VERY rarely am asking for more than 65% assist and when I do it is for less than 30 seconds. It depends on whether you are looking for fitness or for a motorcycle type transportation. The lightweight...
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    Ride1Up factory tour.

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    MY23 Reise and Muller Supercharger 2 GT Rohloff - 53cm - Warm Silver Matt

    It is rare that I see a 'new bike day' post for a bicycle that is so darn good looking! That is one fine looking bicycle.
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    Omega - 40% off today only $2399

    I choose to wait until tomorrow on this one.
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    Knee Protection on the Trail

    I can't imagine riding with knee pads on. Elbow pads?....I s'pose....but I wouldn't. I ride city/suburban streets and paths. I've never felt the need for PPE aside from gloves/helmet (which I do routinely wear). Unless you are riding BMX trails.....or gnarly mountain biking....I wouldn't...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    BTW....that new chain ring of yours!.....TINY. You must be able to just 'easy pedal' up the steepest grades now!
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    I understand Stefan and was just teasing. I too occasionally have the desire to 'travel lightly' on the SL but with a need to carry a few bits with me. For example...I am heading out this morning to a trail for about 25 miles and it really would be nice to have a lightweight rack on the SL...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    Uh oh! It sounds like my post last week got Stefan interested in putting some clothing on his naked SL!?! I had said that I am trying VERY hard to NOT put a rear rack on my SL but that I was sorely tempted to do so....and here you are!
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    New Rad power Radster

    Meh. Is it just me? $2K? These just make me realize what a bargain the Vado 4.0 is now on sale at $2750. The "integration", engineering, and components on these new Rad bikes seem mediocre at best. Those narrow handlebars? I'm not impressed. No offense intended.
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    Turbo Vado SL 4.0 rear wheel hub loose

    You should be under warranty. Take it to your dealer and have them fix it
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    My new Globe Haul ST by Specialized

    I understand...and I am merely expressing an opinion based upon 'where I am at'. I would wholeheartedly and in good faith recommend the Como to a potential rider who I believe would benefit from that style of bike...and who expressed no need/desire to modify the bike beyond 'stock'. It's a...
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    My new Globe Haul ST by Specialized

    Ya....I s'pose it looks neat. But in fact the handlebars on the Como are a real turn-off for me. It screams 'you can't modify me easily!'. As you already know I am a fan of Specialized and own both the Vado SL and the Vado. Both models are less proprietary when compared to the Como. The Como...
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    My new Globe Haul ST by Specialized

    The Como is no doubt a bargain (at the moment) for many folks.....I am not among them. Thankfully I think myself 'too young' for a Como at this point. Good bike....just not for me.
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    My new Globe Haul ST by Specialized

    This? From you? Shocking!
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    Turbo Vado 4.0 display units, how do I get miles per hour?

    In the specialized app settings change from metric to imperial. If it's not in the application.... I can't remember for sure..... It might be in your TCU. As I recall, you hold the plus and minus buttons on your handlebar simultaneously which will take you into settings. Then search for...
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    Electric Air Pumps 2024

    ya it definitely isn't something that you'd want to carry with you on a ride....but I'd assumed that we weren't talking about a portable 'go with you' type of pump here.
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    Electric Air Pumps 2024

    Not the most ergonomic shape/form factor for a bike pump imo. Cool yes....and I like techy things....but for air? I don't get it.