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  1. stevenmp3

    error code 10

    Can any one give me some advise on error code 10,it all started after my 1500w rear hub motor started spinning backwards,i plugged my ebike tester kit into the hub motor and controller and discovered one of the hall sensor was blown in the hub motor,i replaced all the hall sensor as i...
  2. stevenmp3

    hub motor

    Hi ,i am having to replace my hall sensors and after examining my hub some of the plates are loose and one of them has prized away .can i superglue the loose ones and push the plates back or is this nothing to worry about,thx
  3. stevenmp3

    Does any one know how to regulate the pedal assist power

    Hi ,have you sorted out your problems with your pedal assist yet,i am having the same problems , its way way to fast ,my ebike kit has the same controller as yours and the manual's i have downloaded are all different and I don't know what the pwm and auto assist do ,thx
  4. stevenmp3

    ukc1 display

    Hi i have a ukc1 display,does anyone know what setting i should use in ,advanced settings , throttle pwm ,at the moment its set to 00,thx
  5. stevenmp3


    i have just brought a second hand front wheel and it looks great in gold ,its a Sun Ringle Drift 2.1,i have a chance to purchase the rear wheel and was wondering if i can replace the Sun Ringle MTX39 rim on my 3000w ebike hub motor for a Sun Ringle Drift 2.1 ,thanks
  6. stevenmp3

    48 v controller to 72v

    I have tried another 72v controller and it doesn't seem to work properly, the throttle only goes to the speed of what you have the pas set to, its making 3200w and is slower and far less torque,the 52v battery was making 1850w and has far more torque and i can get the throttle to go flat out...
  7. stevenmp3

    48 v controller to 72v

    Thanks for your reply, I am not electricly minded,on the hand , do have a soldering iron and the will to use it, i don't know where the voltage regulator is on the board
  8. stevenmp3

    48 v controller to 72v

    Hi can any tell me if it possible to convert a 48v controller to 72v ,i have taken it apart after trying to run the bike with a 72v battery and smoked one of the five 740uf 63v capacitors , i have looked up the specs of my mosfets ,68v 120 amps and theirs 15 of them and there are three 47uf...
  9. stevenmp3

    Help with sw900 controller ,Current-limiting of Controller

    i have been getting this error number 6 just this week for the first time,i fixed it and found my earth lead was not pushed in ,so first of check your wiring
  10. stevenmp3

    Motor cuts out when i pedal and throttle at the same time

    what do recommend ,it goes up to 50, 12 is standard
  11. stevenmp3

    Motor cuts out when i pedal and throttle at the same time

    Hi can anyone help me ,i have a sw900 display on a 1500w 52v ebike , if i pedal and use the throttle at the same time the motor cuts out ,it also so does it when i throttle and pedal, i have activated both pas and throttle at the same time in the settings ,any help thx steven
  12. stevenmp3

    Full suspenion e bike list?

    Hi i am wanting to build a full suspenion diy ebike, i all ready have a voodoo hoodoo running at the momnt with a 26 inch 1500w rear hub motor and a u004 52v triangle battery and i need full suspenion as its killing me, Has anyone converted a full suspenion bike using the parts i have or list of...
  13. stevenmp3

    Help with sw900 controller ,Current-limiting of Controller

    Hi ,can any one Help me with sw900 controller,i want to know what amp setting i should have in program P14 Current-limiting of Controller ,I have a 1500w rear hub motor with a U004 52v 20ah battery,my contoller goes up to 50 but i have set it at 12 All so , a question about the throttle and...