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  1. TMH


    My mom was the first in the family to use a bidet seat due to limited mobility (she's 88 now). Hers has all of the bells and whistles, including warm air dry. She spoke so highly of it that when the TP shortage hit (even though we were well stocked), I bought and installed this one: BioBidet...
  2. TMH

    First Ride of 2021

    Pathetic, I know. But we had some extenuating circumstances. We had become daily riders since we replaced our 10 year old Pedegos starting in February of 2020. It was the high point of our day to ride, whether going to the bank or market, or just taking a recreational ride. Helped us keep...
  3. TMH

    Replica airguns

    Those RAW's are just awesome. Was on my short list for a long range rifle when I saw a used FX Boss show up for a nice price. I find it to be incredible that one can shoot 7.62mm (and larger!) rounds effectively from an air rifle, and generate 80 lb-ft or more of energy at the muzzle! I've...
  4. TMH

    Is FedEx Ground usually this slow with updating?

    Wow, I can't say that I can figure out what is going on with FedEx lately. I'm expecting a simple, small package in California, shipped from Utah. It has now reached California, only to then travel across the country to North Carolina - TWICE! I've had this happen once before, but it only...
  5. TMH

    Juiced = zero support

    Well, like every other e-bike manufacturer/seller these days Juiced Bikes is inundated with customer service inquiries due to doubling or tripling of sales in a short period of time and haven't been able to keep up with them. Many or all are hiring additional folks. Quoted from a recent Electrek...
  6. TMH

    HyperScrambler 2 Announced w/ 2 Battery Option

    And don't forget Super73. I think that their S2 is the best looking of the bunch (especially the blue one with the brown accents). And they've also got full suspension if that's what you want.
  7. TMH

    Tora Finally Commits to Customer Service

    Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't been following the Juiced Bikes blog since receipt of our HyperScorpion. Tora has actually responded directly to me (through the Service Ticket system) regarding the issues with our HyperScorpion. After a couple of emails with Tora, it seems like the...
  8. TMH

    New Hyper Scorpion - not all electronics working

    Well, at least I've gotten 9 powered miles out of it so far, and have other e-bikes to ride!
  9. TMH

    New Hyper Scorpion - not all electronics working

    Yeah, I'm in that phase. Nothing wiring-wise was touched during the high seat install. And the bike rode correctly for 7 miles after this, before failing while at a friend's house and parked. While he and I were talking about it, I noticed the front halo light go off. It had been about 5...
  10. TMH

    New Hyper Scorpion - not all electronics working

    Well, add us to the list! Went for the first 'proper' ride (more than just around the block) yesterday after the tall seat option arrived and I installed it. Probably 7 miles into the ride and lost all motor power. Flashing '0.0' V on the display. Rode last mile home without motor power (not...
  11. TMH

    Replica airguns

    Yes, that Broomhandle is a fun little gun. Buy CO2 cartridges for it in bulk though! Funny story - Was up at the Cowboy range this weekend (I participate in Cowboy Action Shooting). Had some dead time on Friday after setting up the stages for the weekend match, so I had brought the Brocock...
  12. TMH

    Just picked up my 2021 Vado 5 SL. What a beauty!

    That's quite a beauty, and it was very fortunate that you could find an e-bike you wanted in stock! Wishing you many happy miles on your new bike. Kind of like being a kid at Christmas again, isn't it.
  13. TMH

    Replica airguns

    Yes, the Huntsman's stock is walnut. I could end up using my air rifles (they are quiet and accurate enough) on the gophers who really are trying to destroy our yards. But fortunately the kittens we picked up last December are earning their keep around here, especially the little runt female...
  14. TMH

    Brushed Aluminum HyperScorpion- Setup and First Ride Impressions

    The answer to this is related to what you want out of this 'e-bike'? Truly it is more of an electric moped as compared to an e-bike. @Bruce Arnold feels that the pedaling is O.K. in his posts on his Scorpion. I think that this is really dependent on one's inseam length. Mine is about 33" and...
  15. TMH

    Replica airguns

    Nice work! "Wood and steel" is just so appropriate for that tool which is a gun, especially for the vintage type. And it seems that for air guns you will currently only get that with the high end rifles, especially those coming out of Turkey, Germany and (mostly) England. Many of the top...
  16. TMH

    Photochromic sunglasses - yes or no?

    We've recently purchased and tried the photochromic glasses from ROCKBROS. Easy to try out since they run only $19.99 on eBay: My eyes...
  17. TMH

    Juiced HyperScorpion In 'da House

    Looks like we just squeaked by as our Feb. 10 pre-order of a Brushed Aluminum Juiced HyperScorpion shipped last Thursday and was received Saturday morning. Now the Juiced web site is showing Feb pre-order BA HyperScorps not shipping until "early September." I apologize to those pre-order...
  18. TMH

    Your Own History of E-Bike

    Here's a better image: Built my wife's new HyperScorpion this morning. She now likes assisting building her own bikes!:D I'll start a separate thread on this, but fortunately her bike arrived in virtually perfect condition (one tiny paint nick on the battery you can actually see in the pic -...
  19. TMH

    Your Own History of E-Bike

    Now that's not an image I needed before lunch!
  20. TMH

    Your Own History of E-Bike

    Americans or not, 'toys' come in many flavors! And he or she who dies with the most toys wins! :D And we could go further off the beaten path and drift further from this original thread topic. Now that I'm currently not engaging in new e-bike 'retail therapy' during COVID induced restricted...