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  1. CLR

    Pedal suggestions for Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH?

    I’ve got Crankbrothers Stamp flat 3 in large and they’ve been great. And some Five Ten shoes to with them. My feet never slip off the pedals!
  2. CLR

    Best time to buy Vado 5.0?

    Best time to buy is before your next ride.
  3. CLR

    First Impressions Vado 5 IGH Automatiq

    You have to do what’s right for you, not for us! Out of curiosity, why did you replace your Vado 4? Seems like you already had the perfect bike for your needs.
  4. CLR

    Specialized Test Days

    Not exactly the same, but there is an “experience center” not too far from me. It’s possible to rent any of the bikes for an all day ride.
  5. CLR

    Turbo Vado 5.0: What tire pressure do you run?

    I run about 38 front and back. It’s what the service guy recommended.
  6. CLR

    New Spec App?

    So this version writes directly to Apple Health- good! Yet it doesn’t record HR even though it shows on the head unit- bad! Presumably that will be enabled in a future update. Seems like they released this app a few months too soon.
  7. CLR

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    After too many foggy days, the sun finally emerged, so I went out for a nice 20 mi ride. That’s San Francisco in the background.
  8. CLR

    First Impressions Vado 5 IGH Automatiq

    Why buy this bike if you don’t want automatic shifting? You could get the non-IGH Vado 5, or the non-automatic Vado 3 IGH.
  9. CLR

    First Impressions Vado 5 IGH Automatiq

    FYI, there are no gears. It’s a CVT- continuously variable transmission. Just like a Prius 😆 The little bars on the display are just representative of the ratio, not an actual gear indicator. That being said, it definitely sounds like something is not right with your transmission. My commute...
  10. CLR

    New Spec App?

    The new S app does not have HR support yet. Presumably it will be coming in the near future. Not sure why they released already considering it's lacking so many features from the previous MC app. Right now it will just be confusion until they update the app, manuals, web, etc...
  11. CLR

    New Spec App?

    Which head unit do you have on the bike? On my Vado 5 I can pair my HR monitor directly to the head unit by pressing the + and - buttons together to enter the setup mode.
  12. CLR

    New Spec App?

    While I generally agree with this- I have Varia and a mirror on my bike- at Class 3 speeds the wind noise is such that I can't always hear a car coming up behind me. And at those speeds I'm watching ahead of me much more than looking in the mirror. IMHO, the Varia definitely has a place on a...
  13. CLR

    New Spec App?

    I forgot that was an option! i just paired the HR monitor directly to the head unit. I have a similar page on the display. Thanks.
  14. CLR

    New Spec App?

    I’m MC, make sure you disconnect from the bike. No need to delete it. You can only connect to one of the apps at a time. Another thing SA doesn’t do: connect to my HR strap. Guess I’ll stick with MC until they port over all the features I actually use…
  15. CLR

    New Spec App?

    Presumably they will bring more of the MC features over to the new app. Pretty easy to switch between them in the meantime, though probably not something you’d want to do mid ride.
  16. CLR

    New Spec App?

    FYI. I think this only applies to the 5 with the built-in Varia.
  17. CLR

    New Spec App?

    Tried the new SA today with my Turbo Vado5 IGH. Compared to MC, it seems to be missing Radar setup Battery charge mode options (I.e. full or 80%) And all the stuff mentioned by others above.
  18. CLR

    Hitch rack for Superdelite with fenders?

    Unfortunately, there just aren’t many options for heavy bikes with fenders. I just picked up a Thule EasyFold. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but reviews are good and I like that it packs down very small when storing in the garage. It does not fold as compact as others when still on the...
  19. CLR

    2022 Vado - Flat tire while on kickstand

    My Vado with a flat rear tire also tipped over. Very annoying. Not being able to use the kickstand when the tire is flat is just adding insult to injury, especially if you don’t have something nearby to lean it on while you try to pump up the flat tire.
  20. CLR

    Mission Control Ride Automatic Reset

    Well, that’s easy enough! Thanks.