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  1. keithj69

    Will 6.5a make a big difference?

    I like wrapping mine in aluminum foil. I don't want any roadies dissing my choices and causing any slow downs.
  2. keithj69

    Has things slowed down on the site, or is the latest update to my firewall bad?

    It feels like the loading of pictures has changed recently, Is it the site, or the latest update to my gateway/firewall? Taking longer to load picture heavy threads for me now. Not sure what change is the issue.
  3. keithj69

    Turbo Vado 4.0, how to make it lighter?

    Looking at the stats for the rack, having 2 60lb ebikes should be ok. Fastest way to lighten up the bikes is to remove the batteries before loading, as mentioned. Honestly the 1.25" receiver is your biggest weakness in your scenario esp if you do not have the kit to tighten things up.
  4. keithj69

    Turbo Vado 4.0, how to make it lighter?

    Do you have this extra accessory for the hitch? If not, that is why you see a bounce.
  5. keithj69

    Turbo Vado 4.0, how to make it lighter?

    I have an 1upusa heavy duty rack that carried 2 ebikes (without batteries) that were about a total of 130lbs. No issues carrying the ebikes as they fell into the weight limit of the rack. Maybe your concern should shift from the ebikes to the rack you have if weight is a concern. What rack...
  6. keithj69

    SUV tires for Gazelle Ultimate C8+

    When I went from 2.4 super moto-x to the 2.6 Johnny Watts on my CC, I had an issue with the location of the front fender (too low compared to the rear fender) and the knobs on the JW would rub on the front fender some. I tried to adjust the wire supports on the front fender all I could, but...
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    Announcement & Update on EBR Ownership

    Thanks Court for starting this community. Please don't be a stranger and pop in on us once and a while. Good luck with your future endeavors. Welcome to the new team.
  8. keithj69

    2020 Turbo Vado 4.0 how to make it go faster

    Keep in mind you may need to change out the chain that has a couple more links on it then the one on there now.
  9. keithj69

    Race Face Chester Pedal Install /w Modification

    It just proves that my shins have man periods.
  10. keithj69

    Graven radar

    Why 2 posts about the same topic?
  11. keithj69

    Bike radar

    After 2 1/2 years of riding the local trails and itching to do more exploring, I finally got a Garmin radar. I absolutely love it. Still have a mirror, but the radar is an extra sense of security. Even on the bike trails, if a rider comes up fast behind me, I get an alert. The way I use it...
  12. keithj69

    Race Face Chester Pedal Install /w Modification

    Grinding down the pins to be less lethal is a wonderful idea. I need to do it so that my shins don't look like I'm a iv drug user with piss poor choices of injection sites.
  13. keithj69

    When will the Atlas be back?

    What did Evelo say when you asked them?
  14. keithj69

    Cheap hunting bike

    WOW!!! Awesome helpful work.
  15. keithj69

    Phone mount that stabilizes camera for dash cam use

    My guess is the app does more of the heavy work and utilities some sort of in app stabilization. The mount does not look like it absorbs much and the selling point is it does not block the lens. I bet you could use a quad lock case and the app and get the same results.
  16. keithj69

    SR Suntour Suspension Fork Maintenance

    He rebuilds the fork in the video, so I included it as a reference to what to expect if attempting the work.
  17. keithj69

    Fourth Best Helmet Half-Priced

    I have the tactic and I really dislike the fact that the visor cannot be adjusted for the sun in your eyes. Enough so that I am considering getting a different helmet. Other than that, it is a comfy helmet and I do like the protection it provides on the back of the head.
  18. keithj69

    I rode it around the block, no one mocked me.

    I wish I could blame my grandkids for watching Teen Titans Go!
  19. keithj69

    Cheap hunting bike

    Rambo bikes lean towards the hunting side of things. Himiway ebikes have some fat tire ebikes that would also work.