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  1. pxpaulx

    Cyclist husband that I'm looking to keep up with-- help choosing!

    @Herc - a lot of overly detailed discussion in your thread here! A good option may be finding something used from an online business - or are both good options. Upway in particular appears to largely be new old stock from retailers (many bikes listed with 5miles of...
  2. pxpaulx

    Let's shape the future of e-mobility innovations together

    Nope sorry, the OP already called us a valued group of professionals. You can't take it back!
  3. pxpaulx

    BH Easy Motion contact person

    That is going to be a tough hill to climb. Lenny's would have been my only suggestion as they were the #1 volume seller of BH when they were in the US. I've seen a Canadian retailer mentioned that was a larger BH seller (might be able to find via searching the forums a little), otherwise I'm...
  4. pxpaulx

    Used Ebike Dealers

    I believe somewhere on their site it says they sell both used and prior year(s) shop inventory, so yeah NOS for sure. They seem legit, think they are a European-based company that has been doing this for awhile over there. Prices are definitely competitive, I'll be looking there next time...
  5. pxpaulx

    Bike Light Flash Patterns

    Knog lights also typically have several flash patterns - the one described seems familiar!
  6. pxpaulx

    Are There Class 4 E-Bikes With Belt Drives?

    Pretty sure it just means illegal? 🤷‍♂️
  7. pxpaulx

    Dost Kope pre-order cancelled well before shipping, no refund.

    Start a dispute with your credit card company, and if they provide the option include any correspondence (such as the above message) indicating a refund should have been issued.
  8. pxpaulx

    Minnesota cash rebate for eBike purchase.

    Yeah - if it were related to the max rebate of $1,500 the language would have read something along the lines of 100% down to 50%. Since the only discussion of the 50% is in relation to the initial 75% rebate, that is what leads me to believe the $1,500 doesn't change.
  9. pxpaulx

    Minnesota cash rebate for eBike purchase.

    One other thing I like here - keeps the rebates tied to retail sales. Although I've bought most of my bikes online (well, mostly from Lenny's in Madison), it makes a ton of sense for a state incentive to keep the money in-state and not eligible for online sales. The only downside here is...
  10. pxpaulx

    Minnesota cash rebate for eBike purchase.

    @tomjasz we've got until the end of the year to get into the ebike business! :p
  11. pxpaulx

    Minnesota cash rebate for eBike purchase.

    Seems like it'll be a bit of a process, but not too difficult: - sign up (probably a yet-to-be setup website) - get approved - approval is valid for 1 month - so you get a window to actually go out and buy - store needs to be an approved vendor - they will then provide the discount directly to...
  12. pxpaulx

    Minnesota cash rebate for eBike purchase.

    Not according to the linked article: Unless I am misinterpreting, the actual total rebate of $1,500 doesn't change here either, only the %. So if I were to buy a $2,000 bike... - Being at the lowest bracket, I would receive a $1,500 rebate - Being at the top (or above), I would receive a...
  13. pxpaulx

    Garmin connected to ebike

    Probably easier to turn off the connection on your watch - disable ANT+ maybe (could be a setting on either the bike, watch or both)?
  14. pxpaulx

    How much do the lightest e-bikes weigh?

    Holy @#$%! I think you're both right o_O 14 post history consists of either single run-on sentences that are semi-coherent, or robust multi-point generalized content! Pretty funny 🤣
  15. pxpaulx

    End of Season Sale at Shoreline Ebikes

    Huh to the responses here? They posted an ad in the wrong sub-forum maybe... And I'm guessing in Florida it is the end of the season! Also, closeouts from prior year that don't get sold end up with a deeper discount the following year - either way the original post was basically nothing to...
  16. pxpaulx

    Easy Motion Nitro City - needed Charger, Display and Keys

    Hope you didn't pay too much for it. The bad news is BH left the North American market in 2020. You could try reaching out to Crazy Lenny's in Madison, WI though. They were BH's #1 retailer annually (by a very large margin I believe) while they were selling bikes in the US/Canada. The only...
  17. pxpaulx

    What's up with the steering head angle? The front tire hits the frame...

    The photo on the website between the colors is just an angle of the bike itself, not a difference with the fork/frame. As @bobf indicated, either your headset is setup loose, might have your fork mounted backwards. Wouldn't be the first time. Perhaps a picture would provide us with...
  18. pxpaulx

    The Empire Strikes Back: Big Bike Brand Offers $2k 28 mph E-Bike w/Torque Sensor (Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad S)

    Genuinely curious as to what leads you to believe Cannondale is a formerly reputable company? This bike?
  19. pxpaulx

    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    Aventon Sinch Lectric XP Step-thru 2.0 Ride 1 Up Turris step-thru Last comments. Full suspension is NOT needed for gravel trail and road riding for a 100lb person. I am three of your wife presently, and have no issue riding a hardtail - fat tires are all the cushion needed here. At her...
  20. pxpaulx

    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    To sum up, you're not listening to anyone here. Have you asked your wife what she thinks? Does it matter? Seems more like you're buying a second bike for yourself. Happy wife, happy life...