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  1. bubbala

    Product Review: Kinekt 2.1 Suspension Seatpost

    would also like to know ,which of the less pricey seat posts people have used.
  2. bubbala

    Should I buy a Gazelle?

    if you're not going off road,gravel,dirt you should be fine. just make sure you get a full warranty.
  3. bubbala

    Process to register a 1,000W motor ebike in CA? you will have to contact your local county and city to see if registration is needed
  4. bubbala

    Hub drive vs mid drive?

    they are currently off on a tangent discussion over there about kits. the first couple of pages are relevant and easy to follow ,but,,, close to two years old. technology has changed a bit, might be time to start a new thread?
  5. bubbala

    How to Choose the best bike

    any local bike shops,a.k.a lbs you might talk to and perhaps rent or test drive? so many options it does get confusing.
  6. bubbala

    Have you ebiked in So Cal?

    we have some great bike paths in Valencia. haven't tried the mountain trails, but I'm told they are good too.
  7. bubbala

    Cheap BMS no protection circuit.

    thanks,,, this reminds me,gotta replace some fire extinguishers.
  8. bubbala

    Cheap BMS no protection circuit.

    link no worky
  9. bubbala

    Growing impatient shows black In stock, waiting for a green one?
  10. bubbala

    Fuji E Crosstown LS - anyone familiar with this bike?

    local bike shop is the way to go, they should service and warranty it should you need it. all are name brands and the warranty should ease your mind. good luck!
  11. bubbala

    Fuji E Crosstown LS - anyone familiar with this bike?

    check out the components they use,,, it seems the only thing manufactures make is the frame.if the parts are quality, you should be good to go.
  12. bubbala

    Will the popularity of tuning kill eBikes?

    this thread begs the question,,,,what's the best bike for a troll?
  13. bubbala

    Hello from Everywhere! Friends and Visits?

    the only advice I can give, and that I haven't read or viewed is, the mid mount motor e bike I got feels much more "connected" than the hub motors I rode. just felt more natural . it's an I-zip edge. fairly new model. good luck!
  14. bubbala

    new i zip edge control panel

    dealer says it's just for Diagnostic purposes, and of really no use to owner. so that's the answer.
  15. bubbala

    new i zip edge control panel

    has anyone hooked up a phone to the panel\ control? hoping with the right app on my phone I might get an odometer or?
  16. bubbala

    Torque Wrench Recommendation
  17. bubbala

    Help an old fat fart find a bike!

    old fart here as well. just pulled the trigger on my first e bike and warranty and store where I got it were the deciding factor. just look on this forum to see the number of makes out there. could drive you crazy.