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  1. skunkman

    What happens when your Ebike you ordered on the Internet breaks?

    If your bike is a Juiced you are screwed. I have one with 9 miles on it with a broken battery receptor and despite multiple calls and emails they simply ignore me.
  2. skunkman

    Juiced = zero support

    I purchased 2 juiced ripcurrents. Granted I love them. They are a blast. One battery mount broke after 2 uses. Called juice. Can’t talk to a human. Left 2 messages 2 weeks ago. No reply. I was able to glue the broken part and can secure the battery with electrical tape. Otherwise I would have a...
  3. skunkman

    What mirror would you recommend for me

    I have a Juiced Ripcurrent and the hand grips wont allow a mirror that sticks in the end of the handle bar. Any suggestions?
  4. skunkman

    is it double Bad luck to run over a black cat crossing your path?

    No. If you run over it, it technically never crossed your path
  5. skunkman

    Looking for my Ideal city bike (NYC)

    My friend has a ripcurrent S in the city. He loves it. Goes up and down curbs, pot holes no big deal, cadence, torque throttle 28 mph+, long range
  6. skunkman

    Impressed with Juiced bikes but??????

    I ordered 2 ripcurrent bikes from them.. I received one and the other is back ordered until August. I love the one that I have. So far customer service has been fine. As with most ebike companies a lot of stuff is back ordered because of how many parts come out of China. I think you get a...
  7. skunkman

    Would this be a good spare charger?

    I move my bikes between 2 homes - both Juiced Ripcurrents 52V. Do you think this would be a good charger...
  8. skunkman

    Name your favorite accessory

    I bought a juiced ripcurrent for my wife and I. Definitely want a mirror
  9. skunkman

    Name your favorite accessory

    any brand of mirror in particular?
  10. skunkman

    Name your favorite accessory

    As I wait for delivery of my bikes I was wondering what accessories I might need. Besides a good helmet is there any accessory and/or gadget that you love to have with you.
  11. skunkman

    Phantom E9 Fat Track Review - Sub $2,000 Fat Tire Ebike

    check out juiced ripcurrent. <$2k, hydraulic brakes, 52V battery, headlight, torque sensor, front suspension
  12. skunkman

    Riding on soft sand

    I weigh 175. 750 W motor. The beach is flat. I suppose I should try and see.
  13. skunkman

    Riding on soft sand

    I am new to e bikes and ordered 2 Juiced RipCurrent bikes with 4" tires. I am hoping to use these on the beach on Longboat Key. Some of the sand is firm but a lot of it is soft. Do you think I will be able to do this? Do I need to let air out of my tires?
  14. skunkman

    Best 2 e-bike carrier for the money

    I just ordered the 1up heavy duty dual rack with fat tire spacers. I looked at a bunch of reviews and this rack looks amazing. I will post a review when I get it