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  1. l3n

    Drop Arrived

    Nice. I just got mine too and added some accessories myself. Will post soon!
  2. l3n

    Hello from Philly!

    Hey Everyone, this is Len from Philadelphia, PA USA. I am new to the forums, but have been combing through EBRs reviews for months. I put my order in for my first eBike a few weeks back, a Dost Kope. I am expecting delivery in a month or so. I am so jazzed up I can barely contain myself. I...
  3. l3n

    My Favorite Bike Trails in the Northeastern US

    Wow, great work. You just planned out my next year!
  4. l3n

    Kope On the way!

    Nice. I've spoken to a couple of other locals. We should start a Philly Dost Club or something! That looks like a nice bag, especially for the price. Weill definitely add on my list to consider. I also recently identified this bag from Two Wheel Gear that seems like a nice option to pair...
  5. l3n

    GPS tracker ideas

    Please post pics as well.
  6. l3n

    Kope On the way!

    Just ordered a Kope with two batteries, my first eBike. Really pumped up for it to arrive. I live in Philly and will be using it mostly for commuting, but will look to do some longer leisure rides. While I sit here and wait for delivery in late Nov, I am already thinking about ways to trick...
  7. l3n

    Completed my RadRunner upgrade/modification, Phase 1

    Wow. Nicely done, thanks for sharing the details.
  8. l3n

    Aventon Level or....

    Thanks all. Lots more research to do.
  9. l3n

    Aventon Level or....

    Hey All! I am considering my first eBike purchase. I want a Class 3 with a throttle and removable battery to use primarily for relatively flat city commuting in Philadelphia. I expect to rely heavy on the throttle during the hot and humid summer months so that I don't arrive at work in a...
  10. l3n

    Your stranded on a deserted Island, what would you do?

    On a deserted island? Better get a solar charger. :D