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  1. Tartanlad

    Trying to buy an e-bike, lost with all the choices, care to help?

    Step thru is the way for you ..Its way i went for first such frame in all my days of riding bicycles and why also recently ive went the e bike route the step thru as opposed to mans bike with bar along top Step thru bikes are classed as Unisex , and i even went for ladies type saddle for more...
  2. Tartanlad

    Girl Talk

    @PedalUma - Sounds good ^ i them days just bought first e bike and is very first bike i have bought which is step through plus i went for one advertized as Unisex and black matt in colour but with womans wider saddle as look comfier to sit and being on the new bike although not much so far it is...
  3. Tartanlad

    E-bike specific Internal Gear Hub by Shimano for 2019

    Shimano Nexus Steps 7 speed in hub gearing i have on my now new e bike, and was what i had on my non e bike for many yrs and never had any problem at all with gearing inside hub . And in fact much prefer it , as get no problems with in hub gearing at all ive found . And my non ebike is still...
  4. Tartanlad

    Girl Talk

    And why i went for my very first time with a bike purchased a non top tube and the step thru e bike is easier and safer fir sure plus a larger seat so as i can sit in more comfort with more room . Oh aye e bike is said to be Unisex although many see them frames as a females bike does it...
  5. Tartanlad

    Girl Talk

    Battery came with my first ever e bike recently and the battery is big and heavy . But i prefer the gearing inside the hub of any bike and is why i went that route as certainly wont be the same needed for fixing the gearing as happens often with Derrailleur gears .
  6. Tartanlad

    So what's your other hobbies or interests?

    Mmm Interesting as i am a Scot and just havent seen such ever :) BUT personally the moulded nuts seen here are far too small to hold for the likes of me likes :)
  7. Tartanlad

    Step through?

    I used to own a Dutch cruiser bike with bar along as in male version which i now dont go for with bar along top was handy the bar along for carrying my fishing rod , as went fishing a lot for trout in Scotland way back often cycling in the country side and passing odd deer on the route :)...
  8. Tartanlad

    Rockstar - Does anyone fast charge?

    Im in UK just purchased my first e bike from Germany BUT i had to send away for a adapter as only had one whuch was for 1amp charger and 1 amp not near strong enough . And so i sent away via Ebay for a 5 Amp Adapter to UK this was so as i can use a Eu plug in the UK is as said a 5amp adapter...
  9. Tartanlad

    Step through?

    Sensible post ^ well said ..I got my very first E Bike which arrived other day and went for a step thru as my non ebike i used for many yrs was not step thru and i used to tilt it to get leg over , and im not getting any younger and have had base of back issues why i went for step thru ebike ...
  10. Tartanlad

    Tips for Long Distance Electric Bike Trekking and Touring

    Good post this enjoyed the read .
  11. Tartanlad

    Girl Talk

    Bike i purchased very recently my first e bike is a step through , old non e bike was so called male bike with long bar across and i was thinking when i ever get another bike in time then it shall be with no bar along and not caring if its feminine without bar along , but id not buy feminien...
  12. Tartanlad

    Ortler Bern Wave E Bike

    Hi Guys / Ghirls , Well im new here first post on forum I decided a month or so ago to splash some cash on my first ever Ebike and decided to go for the one mentioned from Bikester in Germany , im from the UK but when going into stores here i mainly seen e bikes with deraileur gearing and i...