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  1. eDean

    Lectric XP Lite first impressions (I'll update this after I ride)

    I'm happy to report that my bike was ready to go despite sitting all winter. I don't need to make any adjustments, it's all good. No gears is nice sometimes. I ride this bike five times a week for about 120 miles. For long rides over 30 miles, I bring a second battery as my ride home is...
  2. eDean

    New Xpremium in my garage

    I purchased a Haibike with Bosh mid-drive nine years ago, and I have been impressed with its durability. The chain has not required replacement despite over 1000 miles of use. However, I have noticed that standard bike components are not well-suited to handle the high levels of force that...
  3. eDean

    New XP Lite...

    My accessories for the lite had a date 30+ days into the future and then shipped in 1 week. My tan order was 4 weeks out so I shifted to blue and it shipped in two weeks.
  4. eDean

    Lectric XP Lite first impressions (I'll update this after I ride)

    I saw that video and made some comments. It was shocking how well the lite took on hills. I rode the Xp through some muddy grass the other day and it did fine, the average voltage used was about 13. No problem at all climbing hills so far. The second battery shipped today so I'll do some...
  5. eDean

    Lectric XP Lite first impressions (I'll update this after I ride)

    @Doggyman1202 there is a stepover. It is not that high but it is by no means a step though. I do have to lift my leg over the bike and lean it to bring the height down a bit. If you don't have hip flexibility it may present a problem.
  6. eDean

    New XP Lite...

    I have one in blue and I get a lot of compliments from pedestrians that must never have been to an RV park since these are everywhere. I totally agree with tbhausen about the great decision-making that went into this. I have ordered a second battery, basket, and suspense seat post given how...
  7. eDean

    Lectric XP Lite first impressions (I'll update this after I ride)

    I have 50 miles on the blue one. Looks-wise it is pretty sharp for $800. I have a number of 60 and 50 lbs ebikes and scooters. Most are between 2,000 and 6,000 in value but are 5 or more years old. Here is what I will say. The bike is geared so you will be 80 rpm around 10-12 mph or so...
  8. eDean

    Lightweight ebike for RV

    Hi, I own two ebikes bought over 10 years ago. Since then I have been disengaged from the bike scene and those bikes have been working just fine other than my extra batteries going dead. I'm looking for a bike to put on the back of my rv. It needs to be lightweight since the rack only can...
  9. eDean

    Range Anxiety and a Dealer Wants Their Deposit on Trek XM 700+

    I have second batteries for both my neo Jet and FSRX (ouch was that expensive). I never have range anxiety since and it makes the idea of going out all day on your bike stress free. Depending on what my ride is like a may or may not take the second battery. If I'm willing to ride around 16mh...
  10. eDean

    Is 50mph too much for a light weight ebike?

    I'm still recovering from a 26 mph down hill wipeout, the road rash at that speed was pretty bad, can't imagine how much worse it would have been at 50 mph. . At some point you want to start to armor up like you would on a motorcycle just to protect from road rash let alone joint and back...
  11. eDean

    Options for short, heavy commuter

    I'm 5'6" and can highly recommend the BH neo jet (one size fits all) and Haibike fs rx which come in multiple sizes. In particular there is a new Haibike purpose built for shorter rides. I have found the component upgrades, full suspension on fatter 27.5 tires, higher end motor, and...
  12. eDean

    Do I really need motor cut brake levers?

    My boshe fs rx does not have a motor cutout and I never miss it. I did not even know it didn't have that feature until after I owned it for a year. The breaks are so much more powerful than the motor.
  13. eDean

    Vibration at 16 mph

    Hi, the vibration has stopped on the fs rx. I started cleaning the chain every few weeks and taking the goo off the sprockets, it builds up really fast. I think that this might have been the cause.
  14. eDean

    Nitro City as a commuter bike

    I have found you almost need a second battery if you like to ride a lot, simply for the piece of mind of eliminating range anxiety. I a lot of places I go to are 20 miles away, getting 40+ miles off one battery is certainly doable but you end up doing more work or going slower. Always...
  15. eDean

    Vibration at 16 mph

    The vibration issue seems to have gone away on my FSRX??? Ambient temperature, tire wear, or motor break in - don't know. I'm at 1200 miles or so. FSRX has been great, cannot recommend this bike enough. This bike can go anywhere and is tough as nails. It's extremely stable at high...
  16. eDean

    Easy Motion vs Bosch Second Generation Drive Systems

    Bosch 1000 mile update. Also BH 2000 mile update. This summer so far I'm managed to put 1000 miles on both bikes. Both bikes have been near flawless. The one exception is that the BH threw and exception a couple of times which required me to cycle the interface which was no big deal...
  17. eDean

    Lennys Customer Appreciation Party, Today!

    I wish I could have made it. The Ebike business is lucky Lenny has taken an interest as he is a big thinker in a LBS world. I hope some of that business knowhow guides the industry. Can't wait to see @opimax 's new ride!
  18. eDean

    Bicycle Camera Setup

    Very cool, how did you composite the map and speedo?
  19. eDean

    Paralysis by analysis

    My suggestion is to make a day of it and drive the two hours each way. There is little substitute for test rides. Also, if you have problems you may need to make that trip again... Maybe catch a game or spend the night. Buying used is a bit tricky for a first bike but has some merit. I...
  20. eDean

    2016 ST Stromer

    ST2 is unique for turnkeys in that it is stealth, has extremely large battery capacity, and is connected to the web. Its hard to find bikes with two of those three attributes. Having all three put it in a class of its own and can justify strong pricing even if the drive system is not that...