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  1. ArmyHokie

    Handlebar Jack - A new Ultra Portable Bicycle Repair Stand.

    Good to know. Can they be stored vertically safely?
  2. ArmyHokie

    Greeting from NoVa!

    What is your current MTB? What don't you like about it?
  3. ArmyHokie

    ~50 lbs, full featured Watt Wagons City Commuter! Class 3 with throttle, $3199, optional electronic shifting, shipping July !

    Nice features. Is the front of the rear fender load bearing? I am trying to figure out where the load on the front of the pannier rack goes.
  4. ArmyHokie

    Have any of you been in the Army, Navy, Air Forces?

    So communist Poland had military paternity leave in 1987, and the US did not until 2009.
  5. ArmyHokie

    How Safe Is Your Local Bike Path?

    Why? Vice President Pence, who leads the federal Coronavirus Task Force, does not follow their medical advice.
  6. ArmyHokie

    I got the lumos kickstarter helmet and its great

    Looking forward to seeing it tested by the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab to see how it stacks up.
  7. ArmyHokie

    Is a full-face DH helmet for certain e-bike riding activities overkill or a good idea?

    Not paranoid; you only live once. FWIW, many BMX tracks require face protection.
  8. ArmyHokie

    Handlebar Jack - A new Ultra Portable Bicycle Repair Stand.

    Good idea. Perhaps consider including a bike seat cover to avoid seat scuffs if you haven't already. In Munich companies would leave free seat covers with logos or ads on bikes parked at public racks, so I suspect they are pretty inexpensive. You could put your company logo on them and get...
  9. ArmyHokie

    What helmet ?

    Comfort is really individual, but here are Virginia Tech's bike helmet ratings for your quality criterion:
  10. ArmyHokie

    Rental E- scooters less profitable than imagined

    It will be interesting to see how this immature business model evolves. Other transportation-sharing ventures with cars and bikes also struggle with profitability, yet venture capitalists and investors appear to see a long term opportunity. Bird claims its new scooter will last 10 months. Seems...
  11. ArmyHokie

    Erik Buell launches Fuell E-bikes and E-motorcycles

    Nice looking bike; love the drivetrain. Hope to see a commuter version with rack and fenders. Two possible challenges I see: Kickstand mounted forward where pedal strikes it. May require creative water bottle placement. Hope to see a video review in English soon.
  12. ArmyHokie

    E-scooters for rent: Taking a beating

    Begs the question where these very strong ethics were during Japan's imperial period. Somewhat off topic; I know.
  13. ArmyHokie

    Possible to retrofit Nuvinci hub on Bosch bike?

    FWIW, I did not like the N360 on my old non-electric commuter bike. The instant and infinite variability were nice, but it did not gear high or low enough for moderate hills.
  14. ArmyHokie

    Foldable helmet

    Virginia Tech now tests and rates bike helmets, similar to their work on helmets in other sports.
  15. ArmyHokie

    Latest Modifications; Hello from Northern Virginia

    You can also metrorail out to Whiele-Reston East station. From there you can get further west (out & back) on a charge, or use the charge to ride all the way back east. The W&OD is only 2 blocks north of the station.
  16. ArmyHokie

    E3 DASH 2016 - Motor wont come on

    I had tangentially related issue on mine that I resolved by removing the back plate on the display and re-seating all of the connectors. If that doesn't work IZIP's tech support website was pretty responsive.
  17. ArmyHokie

    Known Issues & Problems with IZIP Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    2016 Dash owner with 500 miles and 3 major issues. First, I have already noticed a marked decrease in battery life. I used to ride 8 miles each way back and forth to work in PAS 4 with 20% battery left when I got home. Now I can only ride in PAS 3 to work, then usually have to drop to PAS 2 part...
  18. ArmyHokie

    '16 Dash Assist Issues

    My problem has been resolved since I pulled the back panel off and pushed in all of the connectors.
  19. ArmyHokie

    '16 Dash Assist Issues

    I bit the bullet and removed the back panel of the display. Maybe 20 wires going through the cable, each with a plastic connection into the display. Nothing looked out of place, but I pushed each one in a bit. Reassembled and now the power assists works as it should, but boost button is still inop.
  20. ArmyHokie

    '16 Dash Assist Issues

    My LBS sold out of the '16s before I was in the market, then dropped IZIP altogether. Now they just sell ebikes from the traditional/name brand manufacturers that they already carried. I bought from Wheel World and built it myself after none of the LBSs or chains could meet my timeline. That's...