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  1. JoeinJP

    Bike charger question

    For those holding their breath, or not, 🥱 Regarding: My XP lite charger: Output is 54.6V 2.0A My old Ejoe Epik-SE: Output is 41.0V 2.0A Nothing is correct! Charger doesn't even register charging. Edit: I should have written - the answer "Nothing" is correct - as for the outcome, per the...
  2. JoeinJP

    Bike charger question

    It is a new post, I just kept with this similar thread. There is no photo from me! 🤷‍♂️ But both chargers will fit in the XP lite's charging port. So the voltage is the key issue, and using a lower voltage will ??? Do nothing, or will it damage the XP battery?
  3. JoeinJP

    Bike charger question

    For the esteemed electrical engineers, brilliant bike experts or charger connoisseurs out there: My XP lite charger: Output is 54.6V 2.0A My old Ejoe Epik-SE: Output is 41.0V 2.0A Since I'd like to keep an backup at my office, are these compatible? My understanding is with the Ejoe...
  4. JoeinJP

    Our XP Lite finally arrived yesterday!

    Early impressions: I've had my XP Lite for about 2 weeks, close to 50 miles. Good for commuting 4.5m each way; though because the bike is single speed I find myself relying more on the PAS without any shifting leverage. Prior commute was with my EJoe Epik SE (2016) and the EJoe had more...
  5. JoeinJP

    Pedego pricing

    Unless the statute of limitations ended at 8:50am EST Feb 1. 2021! 🤞
  6. JoeinJP

    Class 3 ebike throttle separate from peddling, no peddle assist.

    Was discussing ebikes with a neighbor and he wanted an electric bike in which he didn't have to pedal. I told him they're commonly called mopeds. 😏
  7. JoeinJP

    Throttle ? Yes or no ?

    Waiting for green light at intersection, then a quick zip to get ahead of traffic. And I usually stay in PAS 1 and throttle a bit here and there rather than change levels for short hills. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. JoeinJP

    trek nice bike

    Periods and capitalization? ;) (he said good-naturedly)
  9. JoeinJP

    Anybody Hit A Deer While on Their eBike ...

    I suppose this could be better placed in a 'dealing with wildlife...' thread from 2018, since I haven't hit nor been chased by wild turkeys yet...(no response to the bell in a Pied Piper attempt). Turkeys found in almost all the Boston neighborhoods and can be quiet territorial!
  10. JoeinJP

    Show us a recent sunset during your ride!

    profile photo? Jamaica Pond. And while not exactly sunset photo, here's almost the same spot shortly before sunset, though hard to tell.
  11. JoeinJP

    I AM DEVASTATED!!!!!!!!!!

    File a police report AND register the theft with I had my Pedego stolen 4 years ago, someone in an adjacent state bought it from a 'garage sale', with no battery, checked that site and contacted me just a few months ago!. Honest guy was willing to give it back to me but I had a...
  12. JoeinJP

    Selling my 2020 RadCity :( Critique my for-sale ad!

    Granted I'm not a Rad buyer so my patience/desire would not be the same, but a bit heavy handed to lecture a buyer to buy your upgrades (saddle, pannier, mirrors) specifically preachy re the mirrors, and what if the buyer has their own U-lock? They have to buy yours too? Fine with the seatpost...
  13. JoeinJP

    Odd packages from China

    Plant it. If an ebike grows, then the post will be on topic.
  14. JoeinJP

    I can’t stand it anymore

    True; a smooth connecting thought that could stand on its own but flows as one. And I admire your semicolon and comma combo!
  15. JoeinJP

    I can’t stand it anymore

    "The person was known to she and I" and various instances. Like, you know what I mean. And bring back the semicolon; I love using it.
  16. JoeinJP


    Some retailers still advertise as such, usually the non-electric bikes. I never understood the logic, wouldn't guys want to avoid the horizontal bar? (The custom began because women were supposed to wear dresses and be mindful of that.) Step throughs are easier on less limber legs and I like...
  17. JoeinJP

    Replacing motor

    My folding Ejoe Epik SE (2015 version) motor is getting a little louder as the miles add up (4K so not what I would think would affect it already?). Whine is enough to cause people to turn to see me pass them by! It's my commuting bike so I may purchase a second full size one for more...
  18. JoeinJP


    Remember to wash your hands, the pandemic, you know.;)
  19. JoeinJP

    Priority Embark anyone?

    I came across this ebike when reading other websites (I think actually a Forbes review at first), and it appears to have garnered positive reviews. (Naturally I don't expect negative reviews to be posted on their page!) Bosch motor, Gates carbon drive belt, clean-looking style, weight 45 lbs...
  20. JoeinJP

    Fantastic ad sums it up nicely

    A statement to blow away anyone criticizing why ride an ebike.