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  1. Baxter's Dad

    Amazon XLC Carrymore adapter plate and pannier rack install

    Greetings all, My Haibike Sduro Trekking came with a rack that had the bottom receiver assembly for the XLC Carrymore rack system already in place. Unable to source the top assembly XLC Carrymore adapter plate anywhere I had no choice but to attach my bag to the rack with velcro straps...
  2. Baxter's Dad

    E-bike ignites dumpster fire.

    Summary: OP is a very successful athletic person with an even more athletic and very intelligent daughter. If you make your living with a CDL you're a mouth breathing, obese slug that is biased against athletic type people.
  3. Baxter's Dad

    Mirror for NCM Moscow Plus

    All of the assemblies on my bars are clamp style using a hex-head bolt. Loosen them but don't remove the bolt completely. Loose enough to slide along the bar without scratching the surface. With all of the assemblies now loose and the mirror attached next to the grip, you are now free to...
  4. Baxter's Dad

    Mirror for NCM Moscow Plus

    It will not require an inch towards the center. I mounted the mirror bracket to the bar tight against the grip. Then I remounted the brake brackets tight against the mirror bracket, with the gear indicator, bell, and the water bottle rack spaced out along the bar. It's really not that crowded...
  5. Baxter's Dad

    Mirror for NCM Moscow Plus

    Hi Silvercat. If you don't want to modify the grip, and I don't blame you there, then that mirror is not compatible. I mounted two bar mount Meachow mirrors directly next to the grip. The mounting clamp is very narrow and takes up little room on the bar...
  6. Baxter's Dad

    Think your bike lock will work?

    This guy right here has rendered locks, cables, and chains obsolete. It slices through hardened steel with ease. It's light and concealable yet very powerful. To cut down on sparks and noise the thieves can throw a jacket or tarp over the area being cut. Usually takes less than 60 seconds to...
  7. Baxter's Dad

    Deaf Riders

    Seven months ago I suddenly lost between 95%-98% of my hearing in both ears in a matter of 48 hours. After lots of doctor visits, probing, medications, CAT scans, and an exploratory spinal tap the prognosis was the loss is permanent and there is no clear reason why. I was fitted with very...