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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    I should add that I have been a fair weather, recreational rider. Typically I ride at 18-20 mph, I'm 68, 6'3", 230 lbs.
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    I purchased my S11 in March of this year. I've ridden about 1000 miles since then. The bike is a joy to ride...incredibly quiet and is elegantly integrated as the name would imply...remarkable range of 50-100 miles easily using plenty of power assist. So far no real maintenance or...
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    3 of my top choices: your help is requested

    I've had an S11 for several months...230lbs, 6'3"...68 yrs old... The S11 is solid, smooth, incredibly quiet and fast. Hills...flats...takes them in stride. I love the belt drive and Alfine hub (11 speeds). Shift anytime including at a standstill. Added a Body Float immediately. Everything...
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    Commuter ebike for tall rider (6'7" 250lbs)

    I know I'm late coming to the party....I haven't really been on this site for a few weeks. Hope this info isn't too late to help. I'm 6'3", 235 and fairly long legged. I purchased a large (not XL) framed S11 in March. An XL frame would have been too tall for me. Kalkhoffs are German bikes...
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    Noreen I think you want a Stromhoff Unicorn...only $999.99
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    Noreen The S11 comes in four frame sizes, so size should not be an issue, even with 28" wheels. My wife clearly wanted smaller wheels and step through frame....and loves her Sahel....she is 5'5" and could never ride my large frame S11. As far as an integrated battery goes...well Kalkhoff only...
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    My wife and I bought two Kalkhoff ebikes a couple of months ago. She got the Sahel Compact Impulse 8 and I got the S11. Neither of us are commuters and we live in downtown San Diego...the bikes are mostly used for recreation (though I sometimes ride to some of my downtown's faster...
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    Ravi Thank you for your awesome contribution to this site. A favor...would you please post the...

    Ravi Thank you for your awesome contribution to this site. A favor...would you please post the New Wheel S11 review on the Kalkhoff forum. Thanks Fig
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    Anyone tried both an ST2 & A Kalkhoff S11 Integrale

    I've ridden both bikes and now own the S11. Both bikes are top of the line. I think Cameron's comments are very accurate...I hadn't heard anything about issues with the Alfine 11...but the comments about cruising speed and hill climbing are dead on. I've found shifting is very smooth...
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    I just bought a new first comments are posted to a thread in the Q&A section of this site. What a great bike! "Integrale" is a very appropriate name for the line.....this bike is amazingly well integrated. More later...I'm going for a ride.
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    First I'd like to thank you for what you've created...this website is superb. Second...I...

    First I'd like to thank you for what you've created...this website is superb. Second...I started with a question about the Kalkhoff S11 in the Q&A section that now belongs in the Kalkhoff forum... How can it be moved? Does that require an administrator?
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    Well....I popped for the S11. I've only had time for a couple of taking in some fairly significant hills. I love the's extremely smooth and quiet...I can't hear the motor and the Gates belt drive integrated with the Shimano Alfine hub is an elegant match. As Dysan...
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    San Diego Electric Bike Expo

    The San Diego Electric Bike Expo is this weekend .... Feb 26-28 .... At Liberty Station in Point Loma. Check online for details.
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    San Diego Electric Bike Expo

    This Friday thru Sunday (Feb 26-28) is the San Diego Eectric Bike expo at Liberty Station. It will be a great opportunity to ride and compare a wide variety of electric bikes. Both Stromer and Kalkhoff/Focus now have their North American headquarters near San Diego.
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    I'm very close to buying an S11 ..... and would love to find some reviews. Is this bike as good as it looks? Fig