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  1. Steve Ryu

    E3 Dash Battery No Longer Holding Optimal Charge

    @George S. that's fine and perfect for you because you obviously have the capacity to understand the technology as you have the time to build bikes, however, i'm not answering your question to your capacity, i'm answering a question for a person that has a Dash that doesn't have the testing...
  2. Steve Ryu

    E3 Dash Battery No Longer Holding Optimal Charge

    @wwjd keep in mind if weather has changed, this will impact overall range. The range on the LCD unfortunately throws off a lot of riders as many have reported going from 17mi range to 15 than 13. Part of the reason for this is that 5% of the battery is used for the BMS, so the rider only really...
  3. Steve Ryu

    Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro and the Haibike Trekking RX,

    This is based on the Euro 2014 Haibike, but interesting to see the wear 7000 miles does to the bike
  4. Steve Ryu

    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    There's a certain feeling of numbness that occurs right around 12-15 mph where the bike starts feeling like it's cadence based and torque sensing isn't instantaneous. With mid, the same torque sensitivity I get a low RPM's I can maintain at higher speeds, esp with Yamaha. Of course that's just...
  5. Steve Ryu

    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    I still have yet to feel a good torque sensor and i've ridden many bikes across many lines. I've even played around with different torque sensors and changing crank positions as many bb torque sensors have optimal crank positions, to no avail. So far i'm a big proponent of the Yamaha system...
  6. Steve Ryu

    Next time you're in SaMo, let me know, we'll schedule some time on the trails with some Haibikes

    Next time you're in SaMo, let me know, we'll schedule some time on the trails with some Haibikes
  7. Steve Ryu

    My XDURO Build

    Awesome! You mind if I share this picture?
  8. Steve Ryu

    biking in nyc

    eBikes are technically illegal in NYC from what I understand, but from what i'm seeing in the news, they're cracking down on enthusiast made ebikes that are being used by delivery drivers driving down the wrong side of the street... @Chris Nolte runs Propel and has a great line of bikes in BK...
  9. Steve Ryu

    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    Mid drive motors work a little differently. I tell most folks,pre-fab mid-drive motors have never really been about speed nor acceleration, but really about torque under load. Under heavy load, I guarantee that Bosch will be easier to pedal up a steep hill vs rear hub. With a lot of rear hub...
  10. Steve Ryu

    Misceo iE

    250lbs should be a good approx estimate for the Misceo iE. Industry standard weight capacity for carbon forks is about 280. I'm about 240 and can get around on the Misceo fine. David, to clarify what's been said earlier, weights will be determined based on frames vs. drive systems. I do...
  11. Steve Ryu

    Power levels 1-3 noticeably lower than they should be on my 2014 Dash

    Dylan, are we talking about the harness that is coming out of the bottom bracket? Normally if we're talking about the harness, it's the entire bottom bracket that had to have been replaced. The BB install can take some time due to squeezing wires into tight spaces and if not done right, you can...
  12. Steve Ryu

    2016 Shimano Steps bikes

    @David Barovian I think you may mean the Detour iE as that is the only bike that is changing to the Shimano STEPS. The Route iE will have a Currie Drive mid drive motor similar to that of the Tekoa iE. If you're curious about what STEPs feels like, see if you local shop as the Misceo iE and test...
  13. Steve Ryu

    IZIP E3 Protour‎ coming soon?

    @Ralph the control systems on the Metro and the Dash are two separate systems. Try removing the LCD as well as the button pad then pluggin them back in. You will need a small screw driver and some patience. There will be two harnesses in the back of the LCD (larger one removes first) as well as...
  14. Steve Ryu

    Best mid-drive electric mountain bike with full throttle?

    E3 Peak DS 2015 has a 6mph Throttle that will get you to 20 with pedaling. 2016 Peak DS has Boost button that goes 6mph+
  15. Steve Ryu

    is it a bad time to buy an e-bike?

    The Speed Pedelecs will only be XDURO models with Bosch: FullSeven Pro FullSeven RX Trekking Race Urban
  16. Steve Ryu

    What kind of tail-light do you use?

    Try the Cateye Rapid 5
  17. Steve Ryu

    What kind of tail-light do you use?

    The new range from Niterider for 2016 was pretty impressive at interbike. Most lights came down in price about $10. Solas comes in two version, one still being a 2-watt obnoxiously bright light. For those folks who want one of those laser bike lane lights that feel a little less cheap, the...
  18. Steve Ryu

    Need help picking first E-Bike

    Who's your local dealer?
  19. Steve Ryu

    Need help picking first E-Bike

    New Dash = same motor on Tekoa. It's a great ride