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    New rigid fork and brakes!

    The loaded setup..
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    Delta Stem Riser Recall

    I also agree with user error….. perhaps steerer tube not fully inserted from using spacers that are too tall?
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    New rigid fork and brakes!

    So, here‘s how I configured the components on the fork. Took the bike out on 2 overnighters and I like the setup, very solid.
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    chain breaking

    I run 12 speed drivetrains on both, my e-bike and my acoustic bike. But with the e-bike I’m extra careful when shifting under load, I ease up between shifts. And 12 speed chains are relatively thin and fragile when compared to 8 speed chains, for instance…
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    Family ebike, it is feasible?

    I never leave sight of my good bikes, otherwise, I’ll use my clunker bike which I can afford to lose.
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    New rigid fork and brakes!

    The bike came with rock bottom level Shimano MT 200’s…. And a boat anchor Suntour coil spring suspension fork…lol…
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    New rigid fork and brakes!

    Just got the components in to replace my entry level suspension fork and brakes. So, I just got done installing them on my bikepacking rig. The fork is a RDS suspension corrected aluminum and brake levers and calipers are Shimano XT M8100’s. I think I shaved about 3 pounds off the weight...
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    Total Eclipse

    I was planning to drive 20 hrs from LA to Kerrville, TX on Friday but decided not to go due to the forecasted cloud cover over that region. For the last several years I’ve been looking forward to experiencing my first total eclipse, made solar filters for my binoculars and all…. I realize...
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    CF Racer1 Road Delivered Today

    Yeah, that’s one thing with most of these internally wired headset covers and spacers. I also wonder about these “plastic” headset upper parts, compressing and holding together the entire head tube assembly. My Canyon head tube with its massive 62mm wide upper head tube uses the same bits...
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    When was the last time You listened to a record album?

    Just a couple nights ago I played an album from one of my favorite album covers…. ‘In The Court of the Crimson King’ on my old vintage Pioneer turntable. As it was late night, I listened thru my electrostatic headphones, acting cool, imagining as if I were Clint Eastwood in ‘Play Misty For...
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    27 LB Ride1UP CF Racer1

    Sorry, that does not look like an e-bike.
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    How Many e-Bikes do you have and ride ??

    Well, last year, I finally reached a point, age-wise, where I can benefit from having some pedal assist. This was after decades of cycling and building up and riding dozens of different bikes over that time. So, so far, I own just one e-bike.
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    Stronger headlight ?

    I like their GoPro mount system where I can go helmet or bar mounted. And I don’t mind paying the premium price for this USA made item. But, although I do have a collection of premium, Chinese made flashlights and headlamps, of which some work great on the bike or helmet as well.
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    Stronger headlight ?

    I’m waiting for their newest version of their helmet/trail light to come out. Runs on a 21700 battery. Been on their mailing/alert list for its Spring release.
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    Stronger headlight ?

    Minoura also makes this, available on Amazon for $20.
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    Stronger headlight ?

    As above, I have both versions of the Jones Bars, standard and the riser. Yes, they are great bars with a nice extension to clamp whatever accessories you have. But keep in mind that these bars will shorten your reach somewhat with the 45 degree grip angle. So you might be looking at...
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    Stronger headlight ?

    Agreed, one drawback. Some flashlight manufacturers actually have bike lights in their product lineup. They look like ordinary flashlights with beam cut off and all that. Cheaper than bike specific headlights. Most of my night riding are on trails so my setup works for me. Many...
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    Stronger headlight ?

    Having a headlight on your helmet works well too.
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    Stronger headlight ?

    Headlights that come with most E-bikes are crap. I got rid of the headlight the moment I received delivery of my new e-bike. Non bike specific, but lights that use 18650 or 21700 batteries are so much better, IMO. These flashlights or even headlamps can easily be adapted for bicycle use...
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    Could "E-Bikepacking" Become A Thing asks

    Yeah, that would be more like bikeglamping. :)