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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    Hopeful question here. Seem to have misplaced my head unit. Is there any way to locate the unit via GPS or otherwise? Expect no, but $314 replacement is hitting hard. If replacement is necessary, I assume when I connect via my login to the Bosch e-connect app I’ll get all my routes and past...
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    One solution for Bosch Nyon not connecting to Bluetooth

    Been dealing with this issue for a year. Will try this witchcraft to see if it works. Thanks for the detailed writeup.
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    Finally got my NYON MY21 to update to 3.0. Has there been any discussion about the improved or new features I should look for? I didn't notice anything big from playing with it after update and a long ride last night. TIA for any insight. Still can't get it to connect to phone via BT. Doesn't...
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    I see that there is a Nyon update, but I can't seem to get it to download and update on my head unit. Any suggestions? Connecting only via WiFi as I have never been able to get my iPhone to connect to the Nyon via BT. Also, comparing Nyon to Strava consistently shows significantly more total...
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    Trek Domane +HP 2021

    220 lbs and did a century last SEP on my 2019 Domane+ with > 6,000 feet of climbing. Had almost 20% left when I was done. I went pretty slow and did no assist whenever possible during the 1st 50 miles. Loosened up a bit after that given my projections. I was admittedly on a very good day for...
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    Trek Domane HP+ end of Dec 2021 update

    Wonder if that cassette would work on the 2109 Domane+?
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    My updated Trek Domane +HP review - now with 4565 miles on it

    I've had my 2019 Domane+ for a year and a half now. Really loving it. About 2,500 miles on it this year. Swapped the Purion for Nyon (MY21). LBS did a great job getting it installed as that requires the motor to be dropped for the change. Learning more and more as I use it. Resolving to tinker...
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    Same (only 400' of elevation gain home usually)
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    What is the difference between an allant 8 and 8s? I'm not able to find a comparison even on Trek's site?

    Just wondering why the Gazelle with what you want would be completely dismissed just because it is a step through. If it is the look, that's completely valid as it is your $ to spend on something you want and like. If it's a performance issue, I'd like to explore that. My wife refuses to...
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    Any Trekkers using a spare battery to extend your range and hows it working?

    Slightly off topic, but I broke the handle on my 500 (no spacer) in my 2019 Domane+. (It fell out of my car when I opened the door while transporting the bike w/ it removed.) Reinserted it and it works fine but I now can't remove it. I have just been charging it onboard for the last couple of...
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    Bosch motor lower guard

    I have a 2019 Domane+ and the screw came loose & fell out on the similar bottom plate. When I took it in for some other service, I asked them to replace the screw. They couldn't get OEM screw but kludged it together and haven't had a problem since. I check it periodically when cleaning.
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    Bosch MY2022 updates

    Rode my 1st century on my 2019 Domane+ last weekend. Strava said 6,700 feet of climbing; Nyon said 8,300'. Conserved battery in the 1st half and ended up with ~20% of battery left. Head unit kept all data as a single ride but when I went to the website it had broken the century into 4 different...
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    Absotively. Maybe I am just doing it wrong. I'll try some more scientific approaches to gather data and report back.
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    Still no luck connecting Nyon MY21 to my phone. I will continue to try. 1 question: if I do a "hard reset" (assuming there is such a thing) to start back at factory settings, what information will I need to know to completely start over as if it was fresh out of the box? I assume once it...
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    I've tried WiFi off and never had any success. I've never even been able to see the Nyon in my BT on my iPhone. Push the light and get it to go into pairing mode and it just spins. Never comes up to connect. My bike and info are in the Nyon due to being connected via WiFi in the past and can...
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    Nyon MY21 - Initial Thoughts

    Still have had no luck getting Nyon MY21 to connect to iPhone 12 ProMax. I've tried all the sequences and resets. Just using WiFi for now until I can figure it out. Another issue I've encountered is trying to use routes. I am often trying to jump onto a route from close but not at the A or B...
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    Bosch PowerTube 500 RIB Handle Broke

    Thanks for the info. Wonder if I should cross-post to the Trek forum?
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    Bosch PowerTube 500 RIB Handle Broke

    Not 100% sure. When extended, I suppose the handle could catch on something and get strained / stressed. When recessed, it is very protected. When I get the battery back out of the Domane+, I can examine the other edge. Seems like a pretty clean break on the end I have. No fading or...
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    Bosch PowerTube 500 RIB Handle Broke

    The carry handle of the PowerTube 500 for my Domane+ broke this past weekend. I typically remove it for charging and transporting the bike in our SUV (makes it lighter and easier to handle getting in & out of the SUV plus allows the battery to be stored in cool basement rather than garage). The...
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    Does Rad now have a base in Georgia?

    Savannah is a large seaport. Perhaps they set up a distributor there to ship stock that arrives East Coast from overseas.