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    eMTB Options For 2024

    Sam does a really phenomenal job with his show staying up on the latest and I follow him (when I have time to check out YouTube). That Crestline is very anyone familiar with that chain system? I think I'm adding it to my "will be buying myself a new eMTB for Xmas" options...
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    NCM Moscow Trail Ride

    The fork is "Suntour XCM-HLO-27.5 with oil suspension and lock system"per the manual and I'd guess 2.4" is your max there. But I'd try sending an email to where you bought it - or to who is a US distributor.
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    Upcoming FLX Weapon

    Overall the Weapon is a really good deal. Being that they are offering a lower cost version of more expensive ebikes, I cannot understand why they would put an ugly paint scheme that really separates it? It's like they want to make sure the Weapon looks cheap compared to their 3x more expensive...
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    Luna Z1 top speed & range questions

    That's good on Luna grey. I've seen that on a trail - looked sharp. I figured as much on thumb throttle. Would they notice a motorcycle twist grip throttle? I'd probably use an analog bike those days anyhow - all downhill for the most part.
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    Luna Z1 top speed & range questions

    HA! Well done on the lettering though it does look like the tape is rippled a bit. Beautiful Central CA Coast backdrop! I'd imagine there's some awesome trails around there. Question...can you take a Bafang-powered bike to Big Bear or Mammoth, or will they refuse you? (Yeah, I know it...
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    Luna Z1 top speed & range questions

    Due to the gearing I don't know that you can get top speed without pedaling. This guy got up to 39 mph pedaling on flat ground with Watt Wagons (w/Archon X1 controller). He was set in PAS Level 5, Sport Mode. Watt Wagons Hydra is the same frame as the Z1 but they use a different (modified)...
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    2022 - Top 12 Bafang Ultra M620 Ebikes

    Rob Rides did a nice feature and documented his build - named it the "Cheeb" and then sold it on eBay for around $5K. Part 1 below.
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    Hydra Black - Has anyone received theirs yet?

    That picture looks better than the website! Thx for sharing!
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    Cable management on my Hydra Fat Bike

    Very clean! Pushkar take note. :)
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    2020 -Top 10 Ebikes With The Bafang G510 Ultra

    "Serviceable" aligns with "cheaper", amiright? At $6K you can probably do better with the standard Hydra Black and enjoy the Archon smooth shifting and extra power, right? I have a busy work day ahead, but it's probably worth a looksee if you wanted to post a compare/contrast since this is...
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    2020 -Top 10 Ebikes With The Bafang G510 Ultra

    Looks a cool frame but it's a Hydra with cheaper/lesser components (which could simply be supply chain decisions.) Biktrix is a good vendor but this is what happens when you are laser focused on that low cost market and then try to move up. Reminds me of Hyundai who then had to create the...
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    Helios refund

    The way I read the original response was that they had to wait for a replacement order which takes 30-60 days. The OP got a bit impatient and I can understand that. 500+ days is about the length we've had this pandemic which is amazingly patient. I recall speaking to Pushkar a year ago and he...
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    And so it begins - Hydra Fat Bike Build

    When you ride on trails do you find the fat tire mobile and much more enjoyable than 27.5?
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    WW Should Make An Ebike For The Boston Police Department

    Funny you should say that. The Newton Police Dept is 5 buildings down the street. I have no idea if Newton uses bikes being that I live on the West Coast. But service and support is right there.
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    Ultra hill climbing comparison

    I would like to see the Luna X1 Enduro as that's more of the same style. Also, for the guy wanting to see a Sur-Ron...that's 7000W (72V I think?) and you don't use the pedals should you order one with them. It is illegal on any bike trail I know of. Comparing that to a Bafang is not apples...
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    Help us with pictures / paintings / wall decor ideas for Watt Wagons warehouse / office

    Amazon has some nice and low cost art in the biking genre. How do I get my t-shirt?
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    Hydra Fat vs 27 vs 29. Which one and why?

    If it's in your budget, the Hydra is designed for both options where you can swap out the rear. It's pricey but you get the best of both worlds. Although, at the price you almost can get 2 bikes for a little more and remove the hassle.
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    Hydra Video.

    Same. This is why I've been wanting to see a video and Acme answered some of my questions.
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    Hydra Video.

    WOW! I'm not sure that those videos truly captured just how loose gravelled and steep those inclines were. I have to get off my analog bike and walk it up which takes away most of the fun with MTB'ing. My cheap hardtail couldn't power up those either. Thanks for taking some time to post...
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    My Turn HYDRA

    That thing is a beast! I'm guessing you have suspension set a bit more firm for street riding? The beach cruiser seat is something I have on my hardtail...looks less agile but I don't like the sore rump feeling as a not-daily rider. Thanks for posting! Idea: get a pic with something very NYC...