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    Changing display from type A to type C

    have an All mtn 2019 with Yamaha PW-x, am wondering if I can change display (have type-a that is damaged now) to a type-c display? would be a nice upgrade in my view-- also would have to run through frame? or is there a plug at/in display, and if not I imagine it would be pretty difficult to...
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    Black Friday deal?

    What I particularly like about my Haibike is that I got to test ride it, and as such, literally knew what I was getting into. That is key I think. That and that I wanted a bike like no otherin my little stable—have a giant defy 3 road bike, a trek fx with fenders, my rain bike. now I...
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    Black Friday deal?

    I got my Haibike allmtn 20 for $2300 2 weeks ago. I love it. It’s a tank though. 52 pounds????
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    New Guy from Central Florida.

    I dream of a national commitment to an electric bike culture, and economy. We could afford “Medicare for all” if our society grew up pedaling. what a happy, healthy, wonderful dream.
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    ride1up ?

    I’m sold. So I bought one. We shall see. It was my budget/fingers crossed pick. Now the wait. I bought the step over model so my beloved can ride it too. This thread cost me over 1.5 k and the expectation of getting yelled at by the finance minister.
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    Seat / Saddle advice or opinions.... ?

    I have a Brooks b17 and a sprung Brooks b67. the b67 is a mighty comfy seat.
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    New Guy from Central Florida.

    Hi folks! Clicked at 1 am and now am waiting for my Ride1Up 700 series step over—so the wife can ride too. Very excited. Electric bikes are set to explode in popularity.