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    RadRover no longer goes 24.7mph anymore..

    Mr Gold - when u say 'wear out the e-parts a lot faster ' are you referring to the battery only or does the motor/controller change-get weaker too? Can you expand on your thoughts regarding this please? I like to go faster too. :)
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    RadRover no longer goes 24.7mph anymore..

    look at the video in this post to program it to go faster
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    Would like to go faster!

    AHicks - please post your progress as you go along. I look forward to the final product.
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    new rad city issues

    Is the Cirrus BodyFloat the same and the Kinekt ?
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    Would like to go faster!

    Does this vid show how to increase max speed? I am searching from work and cannot view it.
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    Bike Liner Recommendations for the RadMini?

    75 miles and got my first flat. So - pulled the back tire off my RadCity , patched the tube, and went to put in all back together and the washers fell off my wheel from both sides. Anyone have an order of install for all the parts. The sprocket side of the wheel has a nut holding the sprockets...
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    Bike Liner Recommendations for the RadMini?

    Regarding Stans tire sealant --- I went to to read up on this product. My confusion revolves around Stans website saying there are no tubes and this EBR forum talking about using the product with tubes. MrGold35 – I take it that you use tubes and put Stans...
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    problems with shipping

    My 2018 RadCity arrived in a banged up box. The chainring ( front chain protector ?) was bent. RAD sent me a new right crankset and i had an LBS install it and adjust the derailleur. RAD paid me back for the expense. Just sent in a picture of the receipt. I think more / better packing might have...
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    stock battery charger

    I have a new 2018 RadCity and about 50 miles on my bike. I was charging a 2/3 empty battery for about 6 hours when i picked up the charger and i had to put it back down because it was so hot. I emailed rad support and they said ----...