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    Good bag for pizza rack on Specialized Como 5.0?

    Very valid point! I was just considering getting a pizza rack for my quick E to replace a handlebar bag. It would definitely prevent my bike rack from locking down on my front tire the same. I could pivot the arm forward a bit (its a saris rack with the V arms that are adjustable) but...
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    New Fenders for 2018 Quick-E+

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate you taking the time to put that all together!!
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    New Fenders for 2018 Quick-E+

    My front fender is getting really loose on my 2018 Quick E+. I'm pretty much sold on the replacement being the PDW Full Metal 650 Beast 65mm fenders. The other option is to drill out the rivets on my existing fenders and re attach them. My only hesitation with replacing them is the built-in...
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    Widespread Giant motor creaking problem - time for a recall?

    I've been reading about how to remove and grease the motor mount bolts and I can see you pointing to two of them in your photo. In the speedbox video it looks like the third one is under the plastic piece just to the left of the bolts in your photo. Is it easy to get to the third bolt or do...
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    Best and Coolest HELMET BRANDS for COMMUTING..?

    Fox Proframe! Has amazing venting and a fixed chinbar. I've commuted in it during all seasons. Not too hot in the summer and you still need a cap in the winter as it pulls through a ton of air.
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    E bike hauler help.

    I have the Saris EX-2 (, which i only carry my 1 ebike. Its cute that they think manuvering a bike around the post is an option... so I just use the outside one. Adds a little length but works for me. They also have a specific 1 bike model - The...
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    Winter Cycle gloves/Overshoes

    A completely different option for your hands is a set of pogies or Bar Mitts. They keep your hands warm & dry without needing to wear thick or bulky gloves. You can wear thin gloves (or just carry them if you need to stop) or no gloves and your hands will stay toasty. Most have room or even...
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    Thoughts on LED spoke lights

    Monkey lights with the auto on are amazing. There is also reflector tape that is meant to go on the spokes. Its a little fiddly to get on but they shine really bright in headlights. Bonus is that they weight next to nothing...
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    Handlebar Bags : Experiences & Recommendations

    I have a Vaude Aqua Box. Fully waterproof & easy to access. It uses the Klickflix adapter so its easy to take off the bike with me when I want to or it can be locked with a key. It will hold a relatively heavy load without moving around during the ride. Plenty of space for everyday stuff/tools...
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    Helmets- full face?

    I ride in a Fox Proframe. I really like it. My commute is 17 miles and when doing 22 mph half asleep after a nightshift, I felt like I needed better protection. It breathes really well and is light for its size. I get some funny looks on the road & trail but at least if I fall or get hit, I...
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    Headlight and trailer for 2019 Quick-e

    You can splice the wires to the IQ-X E and then stuff them back down into the frame. There is plenty of extra wire in the bike. I did mine about a year ago and it has worked great since. Just to be sure, test the light before you make your final connections. For me the marked + & - were...
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    Please help find a handlebar bag capable of carrying a standard size camera

    I use a Vaude Aqua Box. It installs using the Klickfix adapters. You can get an Ebike specific adapter so it is wide enough to go around your display. I just posted a photo of my setup in the cockpit thread if you want to look at it there (#42). The bag is just an open space but you could...
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    Show your cockpit

    I finally got my Baramind Bar setup with my handlebar bag. Here is what I've got now. So far it works great.
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    Help choose a sub-$4000 bike for 30 mile round trip commute in SoCal (Purchased Trek Allant+ 7S!)

    Check out Giant. I commute 16.5 miles on a Quick E+. I'm sure you can still find the 2019 models.
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    Helmet For Class 3 E-Bike

    @GeorgeM - Take a look at the Fox Proframe. It looks like it would be hot but it isn't. The vents work super well and it is very light for its size. I commute in one and only get a little sweaty in the summer. Great face protection too. That was my main concern. If you fall at 20+mph you...
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    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread)

    Fox Proframe - great venting & lightweight protection
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    Topeak MTX DXP bag rack

    If your rack is MIK compatible you can unscrew the Topeak insert and install a MIK deckplate instead.
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    Baramind suspension handlebar - softening the ride

    I got my Baramind Trek for christmas and finally got around to installing it. Having trouble with spacing since you can't install anything over the inserts and these are already significantly shorter than my Quick E stock handlebars. I've ridden in a few times and it feels good. I haven't...
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    Show us pictures of your cockpit!

    I’d like to get mine cleaned up a bit but can’t seem to manage it. I just switched over to a Bam Trek handlebar and that really limited my available space. I’m adding a Vasque handlebar bag which will change things up soon.