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    Haibike Urban Plus Battery options

    Hi Khaled, Do you still have the Urban Plus battery? I'm in Toronto and might be interested in getting a second battery as a backup and for extended rides. Thanks
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    Haibike Urban Plus 2017 - The most exciting Urban E-bike!

    Hi Chicho777 I'm overjoyed to hear that your problem was resolved with your bike, and it also gives me hope that if I have a problem with my Urban Plus someone at Haibike will have my back. My bike has been working well these past two years other than one heart attack inducing error message...
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    Know of any cheap 28mph city-commuter bikes, with Nuvinci N380 hub?

    AlexZ, How far do you need to ride at 28mph? When you zoom along at 28mph keep in mind your battery will drain quickly. On my bike these are the numbers I typically get at various assist levels and speeds with a 500wh battery, pretty flat terrain and a total weight of rider, bike, bag with...
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    Test ride on a Bikonit MD1000 (Mid-Drive) and HD 750 (Hub-Drive)

    Just go to and search for 'Bikonit MD1000'
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    Hi from Beautiful British Columbia

    Register your bikes with: I believe it started in Vancouver. Cheers
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    Elby S1 9-Speed?

    My mother has one, it's a fun ride and a very high quality bike. Don't worry about Bionx the motor manufacturer being no longer in business. Elby is still around and has a 2 year warranty, and parts and bikes still for sale. $1400 is definitely a steal especially if you still get the warranty...
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    Best Locks for Ebikes

    I second sc00ter's recommendation of the Hiplok Gold chain/belt. I use both the Hiplok and an ABUS Granit X Plus U-lock to lock up my bike when I go to the office in downtown Toronto. If I'm on a short grocery run or errand I will just use the Hiplok. In no particular order I follow these...
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    First Ebike For 13 Year Old

    Welcome! Make sure in your state that it is legal for a 13 year old to ride an ebike on the street. In my home province of Ontario the minimum age is 16, and it's like this in many other places. Cheers
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    Haibike Urban Plus 2017 - The most exciting Urban E-bike!

    Contact Amego then, I'm in Toronto and that's where I bought it from, very good shopping experience and nice people. Amego bought most of the North American stock of the Urban Plus and very well may have some spare motors for warranty issues . I know they are very busy right now and possibly...
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    Haibike Urban Plus 2017 - The most exciting Urban E-bike!

    Sorry to hear of your problem. Perhaps this guy still has the motor he was selling last year for $300. still supports the for Tranzx, but technically they just recognize it as a pedal bike...
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    Haibike error code 32

    Here is a link to all the error codes and fixes for the Yamaha PW and PW-SE motors Best to do what JayVee said and remove the badass box and take it to the shop. Your bike is 5 years old...
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    Haibike error code 32

    Hi, Please name your specific bike model, it's model year and it's motor brand. The model name is written on the bike and the motor brand is written on the motor. There is no such bike called the Haibike enduro s. There is an Xduro and Nduro line of bikes. S usually means speed pedelec which...
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    Haibike Urban Plus manuals

    Hi, Here is a link to the manual for the Winora Radar Speed (European name for Urban Plus) although its in German but can cut and paste sections into Google translate.
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    Pedalling thru restricted zones with both assist and throttle off?

    No, seems like law enforcement and e-bikes is not a big issue here in Toronto, as long as you ride safely no one will bother you. I really only use the bike trails along the waterfront or through parks when I want to get some exercise and go for distance which is the main reason I use Motor Off...
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    Pedalling thru restricted zones with both assist and throttle off?

    I'm in Toronto and have a Haibike Urban Plus. I sometimes ride on trails for exercise but only in the lowest assist or with the motor off. I found that in the settings of the app I can rename the assist level labels, so I specifically labeled level 0 as Motor Off. If I get asked about...
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    Not much out there for short people who want FS

    What about this Haibike Fulllife 5.0 at Crazy Lenny's? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) I can't find the specs for it on Haibikeusa or so maybe ask if they can measure the min standover height of size small for you.
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    Amego Infinte/Magnum Metro+/Voltbike Bravo

    Why don't you go test ride the Amego? since you are near Toronto according to your profile. And if you are intending to do UberEats, in Toronto I suspect, doesn't it make some business sense to have the bike store who sold you a bike in the same city? Amego keeps all the parts for the Infinite...
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    Would an ebike make sense for my commute?

    Check out this bike below from it is limited to 20mph but has nice components and is lightweight for an e-bike at only 40lbs. Fantastic price at only $1799 (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Don't worry about not having a 28mph top speed if that's a concern because I find in a...
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    Life span of an eBike

    I've never used this service but intend to whenever my battery goes, which hopefully is years from now. This company is in London, Ontario Cheers
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    What's your mileage? (I hit 4900mi on 12-31-18) 1yr, 5mo. 9 days

    2,189km in 6 months on Haibike Urban Plus