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    Differences in Fat Bear and Fat Bear Plus

    Fat bear plus has a color screen and regen. Fat bear has black/white screen and no regen ( although all that it needed to be be a plus was the different screen/power switch which Rattan used to sell separate I bought the regular fat bear then bought the screen a year later to get the regen...
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    Accessories for Fat Bear Plus/Pro

    I bought a cloud 9 seat on Amazon. Works great. I got a free set of fenders for the bike from Rattan but have not bothered to put them on as we don’t ride in the water. I did buy a small handlebar bag from amazon that had a clear phone compartment on the top. Works great to store things for...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Rattan Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    The key on the bike seems useless unless you need to remove the battery from the bike. I am willing to bet the keys are all the same as well so anyone with a key can use it on any other bike (will test out tomorrow with my dad’s bike). This seems like a defect though as the battery clearly has...
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    A Comparison review for the Rattan Fat Bear Plus vs. Lectric XP

    We bought two Fat Bear Bikes (b/w version), one black and one grey. The grey bike came with a derailer protector that was too small and kept the bike from shifting into the smallest three gears. The black bike had a different protector that extended about 3/4 of an inch further from the bike...