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    New Mid-Drive Install - Motor not working

    It should look like this, the field should be filled in according to the battery charge percentage. I don't know and could it be caused by the BMS of the battery?
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    New Mid-Drive Install - Motor not working

    I have the same display on the Bafang BBS02B, only the background is gray and not blue and it works OK. I think the error will be that the battery indicator is red. I think it would be necessary to find out from the manufacturer or the seller what it signals.
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    Bafanf bbso2b issues woth sub freezing

    I have a 4-year-old bafang bbs02B 500w, I drive it even in cold weather. but I've never had a problem with disconnection before. I had the engine open several times, but I never found water in the controller. I store it in the apartment at 22-23 degrees Celsius. In my opinion, I would rather...