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    Arcing problem

    Dielectric grease is your friend. Try it; Ill bet it fixes the problem. Clean with contact cleaner, blow it out with canned air, and apply it to the connectors between the battery and motor.
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    iGo Outland Oka- Hub drive with torque sensor. My review.

    Im the OP and still own the bike. First, with the Connect app be sure you are in Sport Mode, that eliminates the delay between the assist levels. Also you only need 5 assist levels so if you're controller is set for 9 assist levels change it back to 5. The stock gearing is the issue. Realize...
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    ONYX E-Bike Factory Tour

    After critically thinking about it I agree with you 100%. I put it these in the same catagory as a Suron or Segway. Anything capable of 60mph should be regulated under motorcycle laws. Definately not an eBike.
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    Do you pedal or just ride full throttle? Now Closed

    Your controller should allow you to adjust down your assist level and YES, most all ebikes with hub drives allow you to do that. Did you get any instructions with the bike or did you buy a cheap bike from China that came with nothing? The manufacturer should be able to help you or try an...
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    Getting What You Need From a Cycling GPS

    I have the same units you do on my handlebar; just got the Garmin. Do you know if you can link the Yamaha controller to the Garmin? I know you can on some other bikes.
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    Bike Shutting Down

    Before you do anything else try this. Buy some Dielectric grease, Parts Cleaner and canned air. Clean all the connections, dry the connections with the air, and apply the grease to every connection between the battery and motor. Make sure your battery is secure also, I used 5mm dense rubber...
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    Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Fat Tire Ebike Review - Etek Hunter

    You say this bike is definately not an entry level bike and call it a premium luxury bike? Ill have to disagree with you. The only component not entry level is the motor and unless that motor and battery is really expensive I think you can do much better with the price range you are talking...
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    Horn, Bell or Voice, how to warn others of your presence and intentions

    You realize your entire bike was likely made there dont you?
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    These bikes are too powerful!

    You dont need a new bike as some are suggesting, you can adjust the speed limiter down on your Aventon to get the feel you want. My wife has an Aventon Pace 350 and experienced the same issue. The setting was 37 from the shop, I turned it down to 25. Here is a video that explains how to do it:
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    Tell me about suspension fork brands and pricing

    I edited my post, found a good explanation attached above. The headtube angle doesnt change but the changes in geometry and therefore handling can be dramatic.
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    Tell me about suspension fork brands and pricing

    That fork you bought is likely good enough for streets or gravel roads, take it on anything rougher and it wont last long, especially on a 75 lb bike. Heres a good link describing the changes in geometry you made:
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    Aventure Fork Upgrade?

    Th The Manitou Mastadon is the king of fatbike forks. Those forks mentioned above? I doubt they're much better than stock for that price. The Mastadon is a serious fork at $650+. Make sure you check with Aventon on fit requirements. And dont by a fork much longer than stock, an inch longer is...
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    balancing the pas with pedal tension

    It means you're dealing with a Chinese Company with bad customer service. Ask them for step-by-step instructions and/or a manual on your controller. Or find out the model of your controller and search on line. Its probably a Bafang; if it is the info can be easily found. Heres a video that could...
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    balancing the pas with pedal tension

    No. I dont know about your bike but on my wifes Aventon there is a setting that affects all pas levels 1 through 5. The result of turning it down is the bike doesnt just take off to 10mph(for example), eliminating the need to pedal. It "softens" the assist across all pas levels. Im guessing your...
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    balancing the pas with pedal tension

    You may be able to turn down the assist power overall, ie, for all levels. I did that on my wife's Aventon and she likes it much better; it was set so high stock that there was no exercise value at all.
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    Over Thinking! - You All Make It Hard - First EBike (FAT) Wanted - See My Thoughts Below - Steer Me O wise ones!

    The iGo Outland Oka fits the bill. Hub drive with torque sensor, a good dealer network, established bike company, $2800. Its much more a mountain bike than the others you have mentioned. Here's mine, I went a little nuts. It's been upgraded with a Mastadon fork, bigger brakes, a dropper...
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    Manitou Mastodon Comp Fork & Suggestions

    The fork length matched the one that came off the bike so it didnt raise the front. Thats not necessarily a bad thing if its raised a little though, most modern mountain bikes have slack head tube angles to help with downhill stability. I've found its hard to use all the 140mm travel.
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    Manitou Mastodon Comp Fork & Suggestions

    I have a Mastadon Comp EXT 140mm travel on an iGo fatbike; I upgraded from the stock RST. Its a fine choice and you dont have to worry about it being too firm; you adjust it to your weight with an air spring, set the sag and compression, and enjoy the ride. I use my fatbike as a full-on...
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    How do you measure your pulse when riding?

    I have this one I bought on Amazon. EZON Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch with HRM Chest It's old school with a chest strap and a big display that can be mounted to your handlebar. Its easy to see anytime with a quick glance down, I dont want to have to stop and look at a watch. It allows me to...
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    Fat Tire Bike Hitch Racks

    Im sure the straps help. Letting some air out of the tire also helps. Its the person who casually rachets down just a click or two with 20+ psi in the tire that could lose their bike. The back tire strap needs to be tight too, otherwise side to side movement can cause the arm to lose grip...