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    iZip Moda vs. Surface 604 Rook

    Take a look at Eprodigy Magic. Very much the same look, feel and features. I was able to put my together very easily by myself. There are some authorized dealers and repair shop but the closest to me is a couple of hours away. I love mine and its my daily commuter and errand runner. Delivery was...
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    35+mi all electric

    I am 5'5", 30" inseam, 163lbs and like you, wanted to be able to at least get both sets of toes flat to the ground. I went with an Eprodigy Magic Pro 2999.00. The only complaint is that the stem is too long and even at its lowest point, I couldnt touch the ground. I ended up buying a suspension...
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    Need help dialing in handlebars. Pain and numbness in hands.

    I will probably echo much of what the others have said but i suffer, still suffer from numbness of the hands. For biking, I was able to resolve this problem by lowering my seat down so that the hand position is parallel to my chest. I also have a quick-release adjustable head stem with Bmx style...
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    Anyone own either the Elf 2FR or the PEBL?

    I recently saw the Elf 2FR locally and I am so intrigued. However, the 11K price tag, makes it a bit hard to swallow. Does anyone own one? Any thoughts?
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    e-bike withdrawal

    I was just going to post a weather related question and looks like this might be a good place to start. I just accepted a new job and my office is 4 miles away. The company gives incentives for alternative transportation and I want to use my bike but concerned about the rain. I bought a bike...
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    Mounting and dismounting

    For solid step thru, you might look at EProdigy Magic Pro. At this point, the company hasnt raised their prices. I have the cheaper version but kind of wish I upgraded to the belt drive motor system. Here is the EBR review. . its 2999.00 Mine was shipped within 5 days and they have been great...
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    The kickstand is under warranty but most likely they will just send me the same and if it broke that easily, I would rather pay for something better. There is a mom and pop bike down the road from me so I biked over there this morning. What a great couple that run it and they had a pletscher...
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    Hi Everyone I need help finding a kickstand that would hold up my 58lb bike with maybe another 10lbs of groceries. The kickstand that came with my bike broke after putting a small bag of veggies in the rack. Yes, it was plastic on the end and useless, so my bike tipped over. Anyone have a...
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    Settling seat post???

    When I replaced my seat and post, I had to buy a shim. You might need a thin one to tighten around the post
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    What would it say on your "ebiking" T-shirt?

    Put some fun between your legs.... E-BIKE!
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    Rain and the e-bike on a Hitch Rack

    Just a thought, I found that a heavy duty bbq grill cover works really well. It fits right over the rack and bikes with room to spare. Fasten down with the velco straps and bungee cords. The cover is rip and water proof.
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    Photos of your phone holders and drink holders

    Mine setup was pretty inexpensive. Cup holder 9.99 and cell phone holder 13.98 on amazon
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    The YikeBike-pedal free bike.

    Portland has really great public transit and I could see this as a benefit to the 1st mile, last mile issues. Plus, you dont have to worry about locking it up. Just fold and take to your desk. However, I would never pay that hefty price tag for that bike.
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    Best Electric Bikes Under $1000?

    As others have said, stay away from Ancheer. I looked at these in the beginning and people try to get rid of them within weeks or months because of issues. For that amount, Juiced Bikes, volt bike or Sondors would be a much better choice. For me, I started out thinking 1k and ended up spending...
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    Question how Mid-drive / Class 2 works

    I have a class 2 mid drive with thumb throttle. I can use the throttle with no impact to the pedals. Throttle will maintain a speed of 20 mph. I primarily use throttle only to get through busy intersections. For steep hills, I will use the throttle but I also shift gears to reduce the load on...
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    The YikeBike-pedal free bike.

    This is pretty neat.
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    Helmet lights

    When you are a single parent with two boys in college, we learn to find cheap but effective solutions:D
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    Helmet lights

    I actually used heavy duty peal and stick velco straps. I will add the light for night rides. My helmet has a red light in the back, so I velco the battery in the back below the helmet backlight
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    Helmet lights

    I bought this one and it works pretty well. . 18.99 with free shipping
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    Finding an Ebike that checks all the boxes

    Have you checked out the EProdigy Magic Pro? It has most of what you are looking for MAGIC PRO specs Frame Geometry-Frame Style Step Through Frame Size 17” Wheel Size 27.5” Wheel Base 1155mm Step Over Height 17” Saddle-Pedal Length >26" Recommended Rider Height 5’2” and up Standard...