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    Looking for a ebike that fits my need

    Thank you for all the great information! Wishing you a speedy return to health and the bike trails! I’ll report back when I get bikes!
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    Looking for a ebike that fits my need

    Hi Alaskan I was wondering if you would consider updating your review of the Omega? Looks like you changed your handlebar, If I recall you originally had added a suspension stem. what are you sporting now and why? I am probably going to order 2 Omegas in the next few days. I found your initial...
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    53 Days/1046 miles with a new 2022 Vado 5.0 - A perfect dream

    I have not found very many in the US … I hope that is a sign of things to change here … looking for his and hers in the fall and comos 5 are top contenders… I would like to ride before I buy
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    Evelo Omega - 200 Mile Review

    All the best on your health journey!! Thank you this is very helpful. This lack of ability to ride a bike before you purchase, even at the LBS makes this decision for us new to Ebikes a bit more difficult. I want something of quality so that I reduce the odds of needing to deal with repairs. I...
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    Buyer Beware - 2 month old bike, leaking brakes and Biktrix says "wear and tear"

    Sooo for us new to biking ….How do we know it is a “quality part” like I have no idea Tektro is good or bad quality? I am leaning towards LBS purchase but even there I really don’t know. They have huge range of price levels too. Then I see people order Specialized or RM and then they...
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    Homage 2 month review

    What are the issues with the Rohloff?
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    Evelo Omega - 200 Mile Review

    Alaskan thank you for the great review! Especially the add on‘s! Very help for those of us just getting started. Did you consider other bikes? Wondering if you looked at the Specialized Como 5.0 and your thought why you chose Evelo over the others. My wife and I are looking and we want the...
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    Considering buying the Current, how hard is it to get the electronics repaired

    What upgrades are you considering? What am I missing?