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    Ideas and Requests for Guides

    Court I have an XL program, I made up for Hunting Step up E bikes, in 2-21/22, while I was looking for my Hunting E bike, there is 60 brand name listed bikes, with 28 different categories, from price to Optional equipment supplied by the OEM maker, I would like to and be willing to share...
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Thanks Ped Will do.
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Ped Does this make a difference on the length of the cage, ie Med or Long? Tia, Don
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    What does a second derailleur Hanger do?

    I am attempting to find out why the Shimano Alivio long cage derailleur would have a second hanger (1" long c/c) permanently attached to the OEM 386 hanger, for use with a 34T cassette? The only thing I can come up with is too drop the derailleur down for longer length/adjustment? This doesn't...
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    Unsolicited comments about your ebike lately?

    Around here, I only get the Blank stare, or Moo...... But I guess that this to be expected, since there is only 6 bike riders around here, and I know 3 of them. LOL
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    chain breaking

    J You might want to read more info here: I am having the same problems with my Juggs 4 bike, have posted what I have found and doing to to correct it, I hope. Hth's. I have been riding/wrenching on an e bike for 2+...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Taylor I hope you had camera's on board, make him pay thru the nose, both in funds, hospital bills etc and cross bar time, if possible. What a jerk..........Grrrrrrrrrrr. I hope you are ok and heal quickly, and KEEP ON RIDING>
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    Family ebike, it is feasible?

    For a quick run into the hardware store/Post Office I use a minimum of 3 locks, one one each wheel thru the brake disc and one thru the main chain ring slots, also have 3 colored plastic reminder cords for each lock. Any other time the 1/2" hardened cable + locks are used.
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Someone throwed a monkey wrench into the plans. Well, I have everything tuned for no noise when running in any of the gears, very smooth shifting, only one problem. I can have the top 7 gears or the bottom 7 gears, I cannot get the last 2 gears on the top or bottom ends. I can hand move the...
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Well Guys @ Ped I changed the derailleur over to the SRAM X 9 sp, and found out the following: The reason for all the looseness @ popping, with the sloppiness of derailleur arm was because the main frame top wheel housing is breaking, (PLASTIC)material, there is a 1/2" long "U" shaped crack...
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    UK Bikers Tactic to stop Bad Drivers.

    I kind'a thought that when I also installed my traffic stick, that some of the local yokels would see how close they could get, But I have a very sharp/hard surprise waiting for them. The local state troopers got a big laugh out of the surprise, should leave positive proof that didn't leave...
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Thanks Ped I will add a little oil to the cable when changing over, from the measurements I have taken, this Shimano and Sram X5 shifters have the same 1x1 clicks for changing gears. I will test it out completely during the change over. Tia
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Ped When I do the new Sram x5 9sp shifter add on, do I have to do anything with the OEM shift sensor? Thanks, Don
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Thanks Ped I found out the "B" screw does NOT do anything with this long cage derailleur. There is over 1"+ space when the top boogy wheel is up close to the cassette teeth, when in the 9th gear. I'll check the spacing when I change over to the new derailleur. Thanks, Don
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    Can I change derailleurs?

    Well, I got the rear derailleur and 386 hanger and the shifter should be here today. I hoisted my Jugg 4 bike up to where I could sit in a chair and started comparing the Sram X5 9 sp rear derailleur with/against the Juggs derailleur and found a problem. The Juggs bike has 2 derailleur hangers...
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    UK Bikers Tactic to stop Bad Drivers.

    I know that since I have installed Front and rear camera's on both my bikes, the local traffic seems to give the required 3' passing distance by NV state law, now.. Within the first 2 weeks of when I started riding, I was run off the road twice within on week. I have installed this camera...
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    Right of way question

    Bikes are treated the same as auto's here for all traffic laws, we can use single at any time, if 5 or more autos are behind you, you must pull over at the next safe spot, and let them pass. All traffic/Auto's must with a minimum of 3' of space between each other.
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    Right of way question

    Per the NV state traffic laws, all bikes must follow the auto laws, which includes stopping a STOP signs and must ride with the flow of traffic.
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    How Many e-Bikes do you have and ride ??

    I have 2 now, both are very close to each other, used for cross country trail riding and any thing else I want to ride. Have over 1200 miles on the Wart Hog MD 750 and only 45 miles on the new Juggernaut Ultra Duo 4, awaiting a Sram 9sp rear derailleur to replace the damaged one that came on...
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    Looking for opinons

    Thanks SW Just what I was looking for.